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You took time to create outstanding mobile app. it is also expensive, grueling and long process. Now you can finish it. We’ve to relate about what we’re feeling at the moment.

It seems as however you can cross this finish line.

However, now what to do?

Your mobile app is amazing; however it is useless when you can’t manage it into customer’s hands. Yes off course, users can also discover mobile app with general browsing and searching on app’s store.

With tactics such as ASO (apps store optimization) is perfect method to position it and get app’s ranked. However you can’t depend on it. There’s only one source to get downloads.

So it’s also important for our business to have presence on platforms of social media. It’s perfect as it’s a cost effective and easy method to help you to get users to download mobile app.

If your app is new and available from last many years or still in process of app’s development, you may influence the marketing to determine lots of downloads.

However it’s not the complete solution. Due to social media, you may see audience to spend time with app that lead to higher conversion and money for you.  If you are not familiar with strategies of for mobile apps, you are at right place.

You may use this guideline as reference for how you can use social media as tool for app. here’s what you want to know?

As I’ve mentioned that you may get benefits of social media platforms as your app is being developed. No need to way if your mobile app is finished to start promoting it.

Start to create hype for app if possible. Now it is also a chance to het app’s name.

Find below perfect example of strategy which is used WE HEAR mobile app.

Run promotions such as on social media accounts.

For current business, it must be easy. You can get profiles and manage it followers. However for mobile apps which is launching as new business. You can start work right now.

The main step is to create profile in social media platform. Remember you have established it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

If you’ve an account on different platform if possible, you can increase the chances to get largest exposure to prospective audience. You can try to get some followers if possible.

Engage these users. Also give reason to follow it. Remember contents are informative and interesting.

What is function of app? What is name of your company? How your app can attract more users?

It is base to establish strong and effective social media presence. Thus with time you can launch your app, user knows what you are and how you can download an app? How you can be ready to perform all these tasks?

Marketing mobile app on Facebook

Facebook is on top of chain if it comes to marketing of social media. It’s king in industry and also you must start app’s marketing.

The reasons why Facebook is also important is as they’re users that can be compared on different platforms.

It’s not like different platforms. Facebook also shows you options in terms of types of contents you may post.

You can see ability to post videos and photos. Also there is not restricted character limit to post the contents.

Additionally to use profile as marketing tools on Facebook, you may even sponsored different campaigns when you don’t want to pay extra to promote app.

Sponsored Facebook post is perfect as they make it simple for us to target the audience based on gender, age and demographics.

You may target ads by location if possible.

It’s also information that you can have. You’ve done this due to market research before starting creating from app.

Now you’ve got to apply that details to add description on promotion may reach the right audience.

You can see Facebook page for mobile apps and business (100%) if required or important. It’s not important what kind of mobile app you’re using in your industry. Remember you can establish presence on your Facebook.

Instagram marketing

As it is just a picture, its best tool for .

Instagram is also evolving it. Nowadays you may add some photos for post. Also you may add pictures and videos that are long.

If you post on Instagram daily, you may check story on Instagram to link with followers. It’ll disappear after 24 hours, however they’ll serve as reminder that an app is available and there.

Recently, Instagram also added some features to add options of story. You may take poll by story that deficiently increase link with users.  It’s main reason why Instagram has rate which is based on seconds on platforms while comparing to social media sites.

There’s another method to create link on Instagram is by running contests. It’s app marketing way to get audience while downloading and using mobile app. however Instagram contest is encouraging user generated content. This what I mean? You should get users to post some pictures for promoting app and brands with personal profiles for entering into contents.

Now brand can expose their followers as well. This can be users who don’t know about existing app right now. Thus, it’s viable growing app’s strategy for exposure.

Instagram is perfect method to target audience. However, we can talk about it in detail way.

Master 140 characters

With Twitter, promotional contents need little bit sorter as it is character limit. However

It doesn’t mean a platform which is not valuable app’s marketing tool.

Now your brand needs to store a good twitter profile when you need to get some download if possible.

I also use Twitter as proper and creative method to link up and communicate with app’s user. See why and what we need to do? Let’s read ahead.

Let’s say that you’ve mobile app uses technology to find users as they’re also riding bicycle. It also gives information about elevation, speed, distance travelled, burned, calories and things of nature.

Well, you may take benefits of Twitter search query to search users who can’t interested in with mobile app. What is here you need to look?

Use such tools to find relevant keywords, hostages, accounts and locations to link with prospective audience. Thus, for instance with bicycle mobile app, you can type in keyword such as bike ride to check what is output. Thus, you can tweet it with users telling them how to download app to improve riding experience.

Manage users and also explain how an app helps to solve problems. Yes, this way or method is involved with some work as part. However it’s an important and effective method to get more downloads.

Go Live

Remember you are also taking benefits of all resources available on different platforms that you’ve used to promote app.

Website such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook has streaming options. See some top benefits of using video stream.

Creating more interaction with audience will benefit in different ways.

First of all, it will also encourage followers you can download app actually. However it may entice current audience to use mobile app often.

You may live video to raise the chances to getting in-app purchases as well.

Within app’s sharing

Treat your app as an extension of platforms.

In this way, you can regardless of app’s type you’ve to do for industry. What you want? What is your requirement?

Simply allow the app’s user to link with users. Just give some options to share web contents for app on these platforms. Now you can see it effectively, you should see sharing icons which is also visible and easily accessible within app. Remember, that is sharing options which are available in platform thus user may share contents.

It’s also easy advertising way as you can’t see how to manage work. Just ignore these options and allows users to do something.

Now you should add vides on YouTube Channel

It should be in your mind how people think about marketing of social media. However there is also terrible situation. If you need to access channel, you can miss huge opportunities.

Thus, YouTube is also perfect way for audience who want to watch contents of video.

There is some point that you can’t ignore, it means impossible to ignore some points, your prospective mobile app and current users are active on YouTube. There are also using same channel on app.

Now reason is why it’s great as due to web contents may be repurposed. After you download video, you can get some options in terms of distributions. You may embed it on site. Tweet and link it to share or add on Facebook webpage as well.

You may send videos to users who are subscribed. Take a clip from video on Instagram profile as well.

Use Hashtags

This is an important part of how users use this experienced media. It’s perfect opportunity to try and get brand trending in all platforms. Use hash-tags to encourage contents. We can run promotions and contests on social media.

Build hastags which is based on campaigns. You may select a winner from all submission with hashtag. It’s perfect chance to create brand awareness when your hashtag begins nationally, locally and even globally.

Leverage social influencer

It means you can think outside of box with little bit if it comes to . it’s proper chances for us to create link with influencer.

The reasons are why influencer is viable choice to promote app as it is trusted on different platforms. We know about trust and personalities with their views and opinions.

If it comes to use client from online platforms, marketing is also fastest way.

It’s also important to stay-up to date on new trends. There is lot of platform that you can connect with influencer. Klear is perfect and favorite tool. It is due to you can choose an influencer which is based on different factors. Also decide about social network you can see in initial stage. Now you can choose type of access what you can see in followers.

However I have considered better to work with micro influencer. It can have followers however you can engage it on highest rate with users.

Mostly, it can be costly with budget; also you can stay in touch with influencer, now you may check the outputs of campaigns.

It’ll also help you to create awareness of brand and get people to download mobile app.

Don’t ignore about snapchat

It doesn’t need to be social platform you are making however that doesn’t mean it must be ignored fully.

As we’ve mentioned above we have to follow your users and should trust on polices.

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