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The “In My Feelings Challenge” took the entire internet by storm, and these dental teams got in on the action by posting their own dance clips! What they may not have seen coming was how these fun, simple videos would help grow their practices!

If you’ve been anywhere online the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen videos of people of all ages dancing to one of Drake’s newest songs, titled “In My Feelings.” Why? Because they’re participating in the aptly named “In My Feelings Challenge,” doing the exact same moves Drake does in his music video for the song.

Unlike many other social media crazes that reach this level of notoriety, there’s no charitable cause or greater purpose behind it. It’s basically just an excuse to have some fun and share a video with your friends and family!

At My Social Practice, we always have an eye out for any popular social media trends like this that our clients can take part in to grow their practice’s online presence and build valuable relationships with patients. We wanted to open this particular one up to all of our fans and followers, so we put out the call to post an “In My Feelings Challenge” video for a chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Take a look at some of these awesome entries we received from clients and followers:

Apart from just a chance to win a prize, we wanted everyone who posted a video to realize the power of posting simple, fun videos that showcase your practice culture. There’s no need to overthink it or spend weeks coordinating a huge production, just take out your phone and shoot something that shows that your practice is a great place to be, and invites potential patients to get to know you!

Afterwards, we checked out the interaction that our participants were receiving on their posts, and found that ALL of them were receiving higher-than-average reach and engagement, with dozens of comments from patients and non-patients alike!

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Check out how “In My Feelings Challenge” videos helped these practices attract new patients and turn existing patients into advocates:

The doctors’ moves at Miller & Simarro Dental Care caught the eye of potential patients looking for a new dentist:

Dr. Marcia Martinez’ video skyrocketed past the average amount of reach and engagement she receives on her social media posts:

Commenters were referring friends to Optimum Oral Surgery Group because of their video:

Lane & Associates Family Dentistry racked up a phenomenal amount of Likes and shares:

Pediatric Dentistry of Mullica Hill, LLC showed kids that the dentist can be fun:

Having fun together with your team and sharing videos with fans is a simple secret of dental marketing success. As you show that your team strives to build personal, lifelong healthcare relationships, your patients will be more likely to introduce you to family and friends — helping you grow your audience and your business.

Involve your whole team, especially those who think they’re “too old for this.” Get creative. Don’t be afraid to show your lighthearted side. Our star clients strike a balance between fun and professional posts that showcases their team culture, builds unity, and invites potential patients to become a part of their practice family.

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