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At just 21 years old, Jordan Platten was kicked out of university and had no idea of where to go or what to do with his life. Little did he know that in just two short  years, he would be the proud owner of a highly successful marketing agency that makes 6-figure profits. How you may ask? Well, Jordan himself will tell you it wasn’t easy.

His Journey 

Jordan Platten was born and raised in Norfolk, UK in a middle-class family. He had everything he needed but not everything he wanted, which left him with the desire for more. When starting school, he found enjoyment in drama and developed a love for acting. Seeing that he was talented at it, Jordan’s mother enrolled him in an acting class which he took up to the age of 18 years.

When he got to university, the nightclub industry took over Jordan’s attention which led to him missing important lectures. As a result, Jordan was kicked out of university and thrown into a world where he had to think fast about where he would get the money to sustain himself. 

His first idea was to look for a sales job. When in school, he juggled a sales job on the weekend which had given him a good idea of the industry. On top of that, the acting classes from his childhood had taught him important life skills that would help him become a better salesman. He knew how to mix well with different types of people and how to capture the attention of audiences effortlessly. Jordan felt confident he could hack being a salesman so he decided to set out to climb the corporate ladder. 

After working his way through three jobs 2 years in the sales industry, Jordan was still not happy with his life. He had always had an entrepreneurial spirit and it was pushing him to seek greener pastures elsewhere. 

How Jordan Started his Company 

After 2 years of working in sales, Jordan decided to quit his job and start his own company. After consulting with friends and other experts in the industry, Jordan was introduced to social media marketing which was still a fairly new concept at the time. 

Being the smart guy he was, Jordan knew there was a reason why everyone was talking about social media marketing so he decided to learn everything there was to know about it. He read books, watched YouTube videos about it, and spent a lot of money on online training courses and mentorship. He spent all his savings on learning materials and finally, he was ready to start his marketing agency. 

Having learned all the nooks and crannies of social media marketing, Jordan combined this with his prior sales experience and barely three months after launching, his marketing agency was making  6-figure profits. 

Where to find Jordan Today

Below are both of Jordan’s businesses that led to the crazy success he has had. Using both businesses Jordan is not only impacting himself but thousands of people who learn from him.

1. His marketing agency 

Jordan’s marketing agency is highly regarded in the industry and has worked with a host of high profile clients. The agency provides paid ad management services for various international companies. Each of his clients pay him on a monthly retainer basis. In his first year of business, Jordan made a quarter of a million at just 24 years old. In turn, Jordan’s company has generated over $500,000 in extra revenue for his clients. 

2. His Training Business (The Social Media Marketing School) 

Having successfully quit his job, Jordan is on a mission to help many other people quit their jobs and find alternative means of making money. He started his online training business where he teaches people from all over the world how to build successful social media marketing businesses. He sells a full online training course on as well as other products aimed at helping people grow their skills, including his published book ‘The 15 Minute Agency’.

Ever since Jordan found success with his marketing agency, he has helped over 100 people quit their jobs and find something that they really enjoy doing. His training business has over 1,000 enrolled students, from stay-at-home mothers to university dropouts. His ongoing mission is to help like-minded individuals all over the world to pursue a better life through self-employment.

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