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Of course, it can be hard to find time for mar­keting when what you want to be doing is selling. That’s what these social media mar­keting packages are for. We do the mar­keting that makes your sales pitches seem more acceptable to social media audi­ences.

My team will profile your business to ensure we stay on-brand. So we’ll publish a great mix of posts to promote you on social media. The key word here is “social”. So we keep it enter­taining (when appro­priate) whilst pro­moting your brand. We’ll also research and post facts, tips and trivia about your industry.

We’re based in the UK, so your posts will be written by a native English speaker. Then they will be scheduled in the dash­board a week ahead of pub­lic­ation. So, you’ll be able to check everything before it goes out and edit it if you want.

We’ll also post suitable images occa­sionally. This keeps your pages looking good and encourages viral mar­keting, as images get shared and re-shared more often than text posts. So it helps if you can provide images for us to use. However, if you can’t, we’ll provide royalty free stock photos that com­plement your business.

We nor­mally post 5 days a week, as that’s ideal for most small business social media mar­keting pur­poses. However, those can be any days of the week — and if you need us to post every day, that can be arranged too.

You do — because that’s actually vital for your business.

Small business owners often want to out­source social media mar­keting com­pletely. Whilst that’s under­standable, you  need to build per­sonal rela­tion­ships with your audience and get direct feedback from them.

Those inter­ac­tions can shift very quickly from social media mar­keting (interest-gen­er­ating) activ­ities to sales activ­ities. So you need to be in control of that trans­ition. Outsourcing sales activ­ities to a social media spe­cialist requires a highly bespoke service, and a much bigger budget.

These are basic social media mar­keting packages for small busi­nesses in the UK*. So they aim to help with brand-building, boosting engagement and SEO. They also create more and better oppor­tun­ities for you to interact with, and advertise to, potential cus­tomers.

* Still, we can work inter­na­tionally if needed. For clarity, we write social medai posts for English-speaking audi­ences, but can schedule them for any time zone, Also, clients often prefer local social media man­agement ser­vices, and I’m based in Newport, South Wales (Casnewydd). So Cardiff or Bristol are very local, as are most of South Wales and the Southwest.

You probably already what hashtags look like. They start with a “#” sign (aka “hash”, “pound” or “sharp”) and contain only letters or numbers. Still, what are they, and why are they important in social media mar­keting?

Hashtags are sim­plified keywords for social media search engines. Normal search engines prefer to see SEO keywords used in natural lan­guage sen­tences on your web pages. However, social media moves too fast for that, so topic keywords need to stand out.

Promoters also often ask fol­lowers to talk about special events with a spe­cific hashtag, before, during and after the event. Local hashtags like #Cardiff or #Bristol can help to focus your social media mar­keting on local markets, too.

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