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A consistent and active social media presence isn’t just a good idea for small businesses and nonprofits — it’s essential. 63% of customers expect companies to offer customer service via their social media accounts. You don’t want to miss out on their business!

The need to manage your social media marketing across several different platforms — on top of email and phone calls — might stress you out, but it’s actually a great opportunity. For customers who have a good service experience via social media, 71% are likely to recommend your business to others. That’s a lot of potential word-of-mouth advertising!

In short, you want to be posting on your social media regularly and responding to customer messages and comments quickly. Big companies have staff — often entire teams — dedicated to this task alone. We know that small businesses and nonprofits often have just a few hours each week to devote to social media marketing. So to maximize the value of your time, we’re expanding our set of online marketing tools so you manage nearly all aspects of your social media in one place.

Introducing our social media marketing tools

We believe that all of your online marketing tools should be in one place. In addition to email marketing, websites, SEO, Google Ads, eCommerce tools and more, we are now offering expanded social media tools to help you save time and focus on running your business.

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You can use Constant Contact’s social media tools to:

So don’t waste time switching between multiple platforms to run your online marketing. Start by connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Constant Contact account and get more from your social media marketing while saving time.

FYI: Soon, we’ll be adding Twitter to our social tools to save you even more time. Stay tuned for updates!

Create social posts directly in Constant Contact

You’ll now see a “Social” tab in your Constant Contact account. From here, you can click “Create a Post,” choose the accounts you’d like to post to, and begin drafting. Add in your text, hashtags, @username tags, and images like you normally would for a social post.

Our platform shows you a live preview of what your post will actually look like on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. When you’re happy with how your post looks, click “Post Now” to publish directly to your accounts or save the post to schedule it for publication in the future.

Schedule your social media posts in advance

For small business owners and busy nonprofit professionals, the ability to schedule posts in advance is a life-saver. By scheduling a batch of posts in advance, you can be sure to regularly engage your followers without having to create new content every day.

Check out the action plan at the bottom of this post to see how scheduling posts in batches can save you time.

Measure and understand the results of your social posts

In order to get the most out of the time you’re investing in your social media marketing, it’s important to monitor your posts’ performance and use that information to optimize your social marketing strategy going forward.

In the Social section (1) of your Constant Contact account, click “Analytics” (2) to see how your posts are performing, along with your overall social reach and engagement.

See your audience growth over the last 7, 30, or 90 days

Get a bird’s-eye view of your social media audience. Our tool will show you:

Compare the performance of multiple posts

Find out which content is performing the best for you on social and use that data to optimize future posts. Under “Post Performance” (4), you’ll find:

You can even click on a particular post (5) to drill down into that post’s reach, reactions, comments, and shares, broken down by social network.

Use our Social Inbox to better serve your customers

Remember — these days, customers expect you to be responsive on your social media channels. We’re making it easy to wrangle and keep up with social messages and comments with our Social Inbox.

When you click the “Inbox” tab (2) in the Social section (1) of your Constant Contact account, you’ll see both comments and messages from your Facebook and Instagram accounts — all in one place. 

Click the three dots next to a particular comment, then “View Conversation” (3) to see the full conversation thread. There, you’ll be able to see the context of the comment or message and reply directly in the tool. The @username of the person you’re responding to will be automatically included to make sure they see your response. You can even add an image to your comment, just like you would in a regular social post.

We’ll also make it easy to keep up with any responses you get. If anyone responds to any of your posts or comments, their response will be automatically synced to the Social Inbox in your Constant Contact account.

Social media marketing quick-start action plan

It can be incredibly time-consuming to log on to multiple social media platforms regularly to brainstorm, create, and publish your social posts. On top of that, you might spend a lot of time switching among your social accounts to monitor and respond to comments and messages, taking precious time away from your other business needs. Here’s what I recommend instead:

Save time on managing your social media posts with this method

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