Manage your Social Media Marketing Presence Across all Social Platforms

Successfully manage your social media marketing presence across all of your social platforms in Melbourne

Let’s get something straight. You do not need to be all over every social platform to be successful. Not your business, nor your button nosed kitty cat. As a Melbourne social media marketing agency, we understand how important social media is to any brand. We also understand the importance of an excellent well curated social media presence.

In order to have a successful social media presence, you have to understand that there are rules that extend from your brand to your personal accounts.

Post lots, but not too much

There is a line between posting too often and not posting often enough when posting on your social media accounts. It differs between social media platforms and to run successful social media accounts, it is essential to employ timely posting management techniques.

When using Instagram for social media marketing, you want to avoid clogging your followers’ newsfeed. Consider how picky you are with what you want to scroll past. Consider how easy it is to unfollow overbearing accounts.

Your Instagram followers already follow your brand because they are interested in what your company represents. Nurture and respect this relationship by not taking advantage of how easy it is to reach your audience. Your content should always be timely, engaging and aesthetically pleasing. After all, Instagram is essentially your business’ visual portfolio.

Alternatively, Facebook users are less likely to unlike or unfollow your business profile. The Facebook newsfeed is full of informative articles, click bait and meme pages. There is a lot more clutter to battle through to be noticed, that is why it is essential to stay active and relevant.

Know your audience, what they like and where

You may have created content that is perfect for Facebook; it might have gone viral and encouraged several click-throughs to your website or boosted sales. However, good marketing companies understand that the success of a Facebook post does not automatically mean it will be just as successful on Instagram.

The key to successful social media marketing is understanding that different audiences live on different apps. Although your social media platform audiences do overlap, they still all require an attentive, personalised approach to receive organic, meaningful reach and engagement.

It is better to post less frequently if it means your posts are of higher quality

There is nothing less classy than being that company on social media that is jumping on viral trends and consistently posting to stay relevant without having anything worthwhile to say.

If you find that you need more time between blog posts, Instagram photos or analytical articles to produce higher quality content, take that time. As mentioned earlier, don’t take advantage of how quickly you can reach your consumers through social media. Make sure that every time someone clicks the link on your post or stops to read your caption you not only drive your brand’s message forward, but you meaningfully engage with your audience.

While the lines between good and bad social media management sometimes seem blurry, if you stop and take the time to truly understand the relationship your brand should have with your audience it will be reflected in your social media content.

We can help you achieve this. By working with a social media marketing agency like Red Herring Digital, you will be able to understand the behaviour of your audience and how to best relate to them across different social media platforms by employing successful social media management techniques.

For a consultation, enquiry or to find your dream social media agency match get in with Red Herring Digital in Melbourne today.

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