Learn Video Marketing | How To Create Video for YouTube [15-Second Video Challenge]

Watch me LIVE to create a 15-second video in under 10 mins!

Want to learn Google Ads? Here are over 30+ hours of high-quality videos on YouTube. No email required.

Watch the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO-Rw191vAq396PVqe2VxXC4tFYY9yveS

More training here: https://courses.sfdigital.co.uk

Ask Uzair Kharawala any questions you may have regarding Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Video Marketing, Digital Marketing & More.

Join in live every week day at 1700 hrs UK Time / PDT 1000 hrs / EDT 1300 hrs / CST 1100 hrs
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Here’s the link for the Video Marketing Blog posts on SEMRush:

Google Ads Tips & Tutorials. Learn Google Ads Live

Here’s session 1 if you missed it https://youtu.be/dAKli5GuYsw

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More training here:

90-Day YouTube Video Challenge Free Course:

Best Video SEO Research Tool – Morning Fame (Get 1 month free): https://morningfa.me/invite/pgm209bx

Best Free Video Marketing Tool – Tube Buddy


Free Google AdWords Video Training here: http://offer.sfdigital.co.uk/adwords-ninja-sp/

Learn the best practices for Google AdWords Campaign Setup Tutorial 2018. This video features the brand new Google AdWords interface.

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Learn Video Marketing | How To Create Video for YouTube Channel [15-Second Video Challenge]

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