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As you probably know a lot of social media automation tools, including best ones such as Mass Planner and Instagress, were shut down last year. Since then, social media marketers are looking for valuable replacement for these automation tools. This year they can finally find worthy alternative and its name is Jarvee – Social Media Automation Software. But let’s first see what Instagress and Mass Planner offered us in the past and then why Jarvee is best alternative to mentioned platforms. Actually, it might be it’s actually better than both of them since it offers a lot of features.

Instagress (shut down in April 2017)

Instagress was a web based bot – automation tool that you could use to automate actions on Instagram (only), actions such as Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comment and Publish Posts to your Instagram account. It was simple and effective bot for beginners in Instagram marketing that got on its peak at the time when it was shut down.

Mass Planner (shut down in May 2017)

Unlike Instagress, Mass Planner was Windows based software, the one that you have to install on your computer in order to run it. In my opinion, it was safer, you had more control over your accounts since you could assign them your own proxies (not the one that Instagress choose for you) and it also offered a lot of more Instagram features, but it also supported automation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+ and LinkedIn.

Personally, I preferred Mass Planner since it was all in one social media bot that I could use to automate all my actions on all major social networks and it offered a lot more tools and a lot more control over actions than Instagress.

Best Instagress & Mass Planner Alternative in 2018

As mentioned in first paragraph, both tools stopped working in April/May 2017 and since then social media marketers are looking for best alternative that will make their social media marketing easier. If you are one of them, then you can finally stop looking because recently released bot Jarvee, is perfect replacement for both, Instagress and Mass Planner.

Same as Mass Planner, Jarvee is also Windows based software, so, you will have to install it on your computer or VPS in order to use it. However, this is safer since you won’t have to give your social media accounts login info to third party websites, all your data will be stored locally and nobody else will have access to it. Then, there’s a control stuff that I talked about. With software like Jarvee you have much more control over your accounts than with tools that are web based.

Jarvee bot supports all major social networks, here’s a full list:

As you can see, you have 8 available social platforms that you can use to grow your accounts and your small or big social empire on auto. I won’t be talking about all the tools that Jarvee offers since it would take a lot of your time, you can check them all at official Jarvee website.

I already wrote about Jarvee before, you can check my full Jarvee review here, however, it would be best to try it yourself since there’s a 5 days free trial for everyone. There’s no payment method needed to try it out, simply go here: JARVEE – START 5 DAYS FREE TRIAL and register for any of the plans, download the tool and check it out. I’m sure you will be delighted with it and when you start using it once, you will ask yourself how you worked without it before.

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