How to make animated videos [Tutorial for beginners]

Learn how to make amazing animated videos online in no time using Animaker.

This video will teach how to build a 2d cartoon character, creating animation using those characters, adding voiceover to it, and finally to add music to your animation videos.

To create your animated video: https://www.animaker.com/

Video timestamps:

1:30 – Adding a background
2:00 – Creating a new character.
4:40 – Controlling the visibility of character and objects
5:20 – Controlling scene duration
5:45 – Adding actions & expressions to a character.
6:16 – Adding movements – Smart move option
8:02 – Adding multiple actions – Action+
10:00 – Adding voice over – Microphone
11:25 – Adding voice over – Text to speech
13:22 – Adding voice over – pre-recorded audio
13:40 – Adding a music track to the video.

Animaker is an online DIY video creation tool that helps you to create amazing videos in no time. It has more than 100 Million stock assets, which includes Videos, images, Gifs, Stickers, other properties like shapes, objects, royalty-free music tracks and ready to use templates.

How to make animated videos [Tutorial for beginners]

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