How to make an introduction video – Video marketing for business #5

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How to make introduction videos

An introduction video is a powerful way to demonstrate capeability & credibility, and can help potential customers decide if your organisation is right for them.
Added to a prominent area of your website, this type of video can help you quickly communicate your key values and impress your prospect.
A common mistake is to use this as an opportunity to tell everyone just how great you are!
In reality, your prospective customers are only really interested in their immediate needs, so your video needs to focus on how you can help them, rather than how many awards you have won or what the MD’s office looks like.
An effective introduction video, should consist of answers to common questions and other essential information.
By making a list of frequently asked questions and other known sales barriers you can design a video that communicates a positive message, whilst still impressing the viewer.
The next step is to create a bullet point list to outline the areas that your video will need to cover.
Once the order is agreed, then additional detail can be added to form a draft script.
For this type of video, attention spans will be very short, videos under two minutes, approximately 300 words, will be more likey to attract and retain viewers.
Your script, voice-over and video content will most likely need to be professionally produced, but that does not mean you are not needed!
Crafting a good video is teamwork and will challenge all involved as they strive to meet the initial aims.
Talking of aims, you need to have one!
And it needs to be carefully considered.
As tempting as it may be to ask the viewer to pick up the phone after watching, stop and try to remember when you last did this?
No, i didnt think so.
Get real with your call to action.
The viewer may still be exploring, what else can you offer them that they are more likely to do?
A good introduction video will educate and inform the viewer whilst offering them a chance to meet you on their terms.
As a carefully crafted part of your marketing, you can expect website visitors to be converted into customers.

Please watch out for our next video which is all about ‘How to make Explainer videos’

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How to make an introduction video - Video marketing for business #5

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