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It is incredibly rare for a Facebook page to thrive without good marketing. Are you wondering how to go about the latter? You are not alone.

Public figures and businesses alike will know that in order to garner online interest, they need to have a popular Facebook page. Facebook, as the most used social media platform on the planet, will provide your page exposure to hundreds of people with every like your page earns. However, keeping it interesting enough to rack up the likes can be challenging.

In order to keep your content engaging, it is important to interact with your audience in an exciting way. By organizing contests for your audience, you may provide it with an incentive to share your page and motivate their friends to join the community. Contests with interesting prizes can garner long-lasting interests from new fans who will appreciate your business’s prize goodies.

The following guide will tell you all you need to know about organizing a Facebook contest on your page, and how it will grow your Facebook page.

Why Your Page May Need to Organize A Contest

If you are suffering from a slow rate of increase of “Facebook likes” for your page, you may need to revamp things. If you are failing to garner more likes, your audience may be only rarely interacting with your page. This means that your audience fails to engage with your content. A simple way to check this is by consulting your page’s statistics. If your posts get, on average, very few likes, you may be in bad form.

In order to change that trend and get more Facebook fans, you will need material that will attract attention: a competition with an interesting prize.

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How You Can Organize A Contest on Your Facebook Page

To plan your Facebook contest, you will first need to establish what you wish to achieve with your competition, beyond page growth.

You will then need to choose a prize. Most businesses offer a hamper or gift card for their products or services, but you are free, as an individual or company, to offer some of your favorite products or a trendy item. It is advised to choose highly appealing items, for instance, products with a high market value.

Once you have chosen a prize, your audience must be provided with a means of obtaining it. It is common for companies to organize contests requesting that participants post pictures or videos of themselves consuming the company’s products and tag them in the post. Other contests will demand that contestants explain what they would do with the offered prize in a comment, status or video.

It is important to note that the method of participating in the contest ought to involve exposure of your page or business by the contestant to their Facebook friends. This has been shown to boost sales substantially, for a fraction of the price that other marketing techniques may require.

How Your Contest Will Earn You More Likes

1. Audience Appreciation

Everybody likes free things, and most people like competitions. Combining the two is something audiences always appreciate businesses and public figures for. It is perceived as “giving back” by the general public, which may increase your “likeability” factor, resulting into more likes.

2. Incentive to Stay Up to Date with Your Page

Who would want to miss out on an opportunity to earn an appealing prize? To ensure not missing any of your future posts and potential competitions, people are likely to like your page and interact with your posts frequently.

3. Entertainment

People don’t just like free things; they like watching other people get some too. By organizing a contest, you can attract an audience simply interested in watching how things will turn out. Contests involving the displaying of talent by audience members, for instance, will strike many as interesting content. To get more of the content they find entertaining, individuals are likely to like and or share your page.

What You Need to Remember

Contests will only earn you more likes if you make them interesting. This means that you will need to brainstorm on interesting prizes and means of capturing a wide audience’s attention. Contest likes aren’t temporary, they are the earning of a new loyal audience. So, hesitate no further and get to planning!

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