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In case you are wondering Is getting quality and cheap website content still possible in 2018, I have good news for you. The answer is yes.

Every blogger and webmaster knows that a great content is necessary for great traffic. While buying content/articles, most bloggers get disappointed with the quality. Getting a high-quality content is still challenge for websites owners.

You can find dozens of companies and websites offering their services aka “writing quality articles”, but they usually have very high rates. Others, the ones with low rates usually offer low quality or spinned articles that aren’t good enough for your money site.
Personally, I prefer websites where you can buy high-quality content at affordable prices. Who doesn’t, right? You must be wondering how and where you can get service like that.
I’m using this website for couple of years already and I’ve never been disappointed, because here thousands of native writers available at any moment.
The website I’m referring to is iWriter – Content and Article Writing Services.

All about iWriter 

Iwriter is a pretty famous and there’s a high chance you already heard about it. What makes it different (read: better) from other similar sites are these two facts:
– Short turnaround time
– Quality content – you pay only if you like the content.

Why iWriter is the best choice:

iWriter is, without any doubt, the best place for ordering website or any other content that you need including press releases, ebooks, or even social media content. Another advantage of the site is that you can order articles in multiple languages.

How to buy quality content on iwriter?

Getting a quality content on iwriter is very simple and easy. Let me guide you step by step.
1.Make a client account: First, you need to sign up and make a client account. Signing up is very simple, just write your name and email and then set your password, that’s all. You can make more than one account at a time, but there’s no really need for that.
2. Deposit money: After signing up, you need to deposit money that you will use to pay to writers. The minimum deposit is $10 and you can use your PayPal account or credit card to make your deposit.
3. Create an order: After depositing money, simply click on ORDER CONTENT. You can order 100’s of articles at once or just one, whatever suits your needs. After clicking on order content button, all you have to do is give your article the title, add your desired keywords and instructions to writer (optional).
4. Select writer and price:

There are different rates and different categories writers are available on this platform. There are fours categories and all have different basic rates. These categories designed according to the rating of writers. The categories of writers are:

Elite plus writers are the best ones, while the Standard writers are lowest paid ones.  The better writer category you choose, the more you will pay for your article, but of course you will receive high quality piece of content. Standards writers also have the high level of writing skills because they become a part of this platform after passing a high grammar test. After selecting, writer’s category and price, simply click on OK button.
5. Time of delivery:
As I already mentioned, with iWriter you don’t have to wait for days to get your order. You will get your content in couple of hours, based on the length of the content. These are usual TAT:

6. Accept or reject:

Let’s say you have ordered a 500 words content. You will receive your content within 2 hours. Now you have an option to accept or reject the content. What makes iWriter different than other platforms is the fact that you can read and check the quality of content and you don’t pay a penny until you accept it. Feel free to reject the content and other writer will get your task. You can also ask same writer to rewrite the article in case it just needs small corrections. Since competition on iWriter is high, you will usually get great content from first shot and there won’t be any need to ask for revisions or hire different writers.


Writing quality content is a hard task, it takes time to write a quality article, especially if you’re not native english speaker, so don’t lose days trying to write perfect articles when professionals on iWriter can easily do this for you.
You can signup for iWriter account here and get your first piece of quality content in couple of hours.
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