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how to dominate twitter tipsThe number of tweets churned by Twitter 365/24/7 is a testament to its power – and value to many businesses using it. It is one of the most powerful social media tools for businesses for inbound marketing. If the deluge of tweets is that many, and THAT overwhelming, how can your company dominate Twitter and rule your industry?

Manage the overwhelm using one simple tool. But, before we jump to that, just this brief FYI about this article…

This is the first part of a Twitter tips series for businesses that I am writing on.

Part 1: Control the beast now (this blog)
Part 2: Your company needs to be seen
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Part 4: Under the hood

Let’s go back to the question: how can your business dominate Twitter? How do others do it?

You can dominate twitter using this tool:

…use lists.

Yup, the humble, and often underutilized, Twitter list.

And it is free.

Here is a fact: Twitter will always have tons of tweets every second. That’s the nature of the beast.

You can’t do anything about that but you can keep it under control without losing your mind each time you open Twitter and you see these tweets running in your stream.

Hence, if you want to dominate Twitter you need to proactively control it. And that my friend is by using lists. Just the lists. No secret sauce here.

Should I use it now – or later?

You said, “I still don’t have that many followers anyways so I can wait until later, right?” Wroooong!

Why is that?

Without using lists, those you followed will fall through the  “cracks of good intentions.” And I don’t  need a crystal ball to predict that your company’s stream will be very chaotic and overwhelming in the future when your followers turn from hundreds to thousands.


How did I know?! I did that mistake.

Do I need to follow somebody before I could add them to a Twitter list?

No, you don’t have to be a follower of that person to add them to your list. When you see an account that you like to follow, just add it to one of your Twitter lists. That simple.

How do you add a Twitter account to a Twitter list?

You notice that the follow button is still white (image below)? That is because I have not followed the account.

To add this Twitter account to a list: 

That. Simple.

Manage Twitter overwhelm by making this process an part of your daily Twitter marketing strategy. This is one good habit to develop as a social media manager.

What are different types of Twitter lists that your business can create?

You are allowed to create up to 500 lists with up to 5,000 members each (let me know if there is new info about this) but I stick to this age-old advice: “less is more.” It’s hard to dominate Twitter and rule your industry with too many lists.That is the voice of experience here.

Twitter Lists: Public or Private

What is the PERFECT Twitter list privacy setting?

The PERFECT Twitter privacy setting is the one that makes the perfect business sense for you.

There are lists I keep public because I do not mind sharing it with everyone.

Then, there are lists that I like to keep away from everyone.

What is the difference between a private and a public list?

What a public Twitter list is:

What a private Twitter is:

The good news is you can easily switch settings from private to public or vice versa.

How to create your Twitter lists:


How do you unleash its potential for your business?

This is not a secret, and there is no secret system, but use it to dominate your industry on Twitter. Do not create lists; then forget about it.  Adding people to a list is just half of the journey for your company to dominate Twitter.

Here are different ways that some businesses are using  it to unleash its power:


A tool is only as good as the skill, and the tenacity, of its user. The truth about how businesses dominate twitter is this (no secret system or process that you have to pay for: Create lists, and engage with those in it! 

Over to you.

If you want to scale Twitter domination fast, and need expert social media advice right away instead of plodding through my tips, let me know. Talk is free, right?how to dominate twitter

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