How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Social media has become the best
marketing tool for most businesses owing to its low-cost and highly efficient
way to reach customers. Using it optimally is the key and this is where the online
marketers find themselves on a sticky wicket. Some businesses fail miserably to
use social media for marketing purposes efficiently and as a result, their
spending is more than the profit they make. 

Don’t let your business fall in the
pit of a failed social media marketing campaign but rather ace it with a solid
strategy. How can this be accomplished? Here are five steps on how to create a
solid social media marketing strategy with ease.

1. Know the current position you’re in

For companies to grow from the
position they are in, they need to determine their current market footprint.
That includes the size of business they are in, the revenues they generate and
most importantly, social media presence should also be audited. 

To do that, consider the number of
different networks you are active on. Target the networks with the most
following and the networks that drive the most revenue for your category of
business. You should also consider the competitor profiles and how they are
better than yours. You need to determine which parts of your social media pages
should be upgraded.

Go through all social media profiles and check if they are optimized in terms of media, biography, and URL. As you complete this analysis, document all findings to help with taking decisive actions on where to strengthen the business’ social media marketing strategy.

The audit should also include going
through all of the content you post on the social media pages and judging how
good or bad is it.

2. Profile the best customers you have

The most important thing in marketing
is understanding your customers very
well intending to sell them what they need. Don’t be satisfied with knowing the
general demographics of them, but dig deeper and closely monitor them and their

The useful information you can
discover can be quite interesting and offer much insight. Sometimes, by only
knowing that person’s occupation, you can estimate their salary and what they
are keen to spend on. 

That knowledge is quite useful
because you will know the money they would spend on products marketed to them
and what they would actually buy. Not to mention that you will understand which
group of people will be more prone to buy the products you sell. 

For example, if you monitor who buys
a laptop that’s in a higher price range, you may reckon that it is mostly
employed people who earn $100,000 and above per year. With that information,
you will know that the marketing campaign you have should be directed to that
group of people. 

The most important things to know are
the age, job title, income, location, problems they face and the most used
social media platform.

3. Create and curate high-quality captivating content

It is important that you don’t begin
with this step but rather do it after profiling the best customers you have.
Unfortunately, some businesses start with this step when it is not advisable to
do so because of a few reasons. 

The first reason being that you can’t
post content without understanding who you are posting for in the first place.
Another reason is that you need to know where you will post to get optimum
results. You also need to understand where you are going wrong with the current
content you post and plan on where it can be improved.

Bear in mind that content can be blog
posts, pictures, infographics, and even videos. When creating content, consider
the skills you have and how they can be used to benefit your social media
marketing strategy. 

For example, if you are an
academic ,
creating sample papers for students may be beneficial if it is suitable for the
specific group you profiled. Once you have determined that, try to organize
topics and a timeframe of how often you will post content based on those

4. Measure the growth

Once all is said and done, you need
to measure the success of
the social media marketing campaign. The growth doesn’t include social media
followers only but also the revenue generated from the marketing strategy.
These six ways help you to measure the growth:

  • Measuring the conversion rate
  • The number of times your brand has
    been mentioned
  • How many people have the brand
  • How much time is spent on the site
  • The number of shares on social media
  • The sentiment with the brand

If you see that the social media
marketing strategy lacks somewhere, tighten up that loose end and run it again.

5. Use social media management tools

Social media marketing has become
much easier nowadays because of social media management tools.
These tools will help you manage all the tasks expected from you with much
ease. These tools are especially paramount if you’re a forgetful person and may
forget to post prepared content at the set time. 

With social media management tools,
marketers can schedule to automatically post content at any time. These tools
increase productivity and can help you focus on other important parts of your
business. Although some manage really fine without any social media managing
tools, it can help you streamline the work exponentially.

bottom line

Social media marketing is no rocket
science. However, it needs some effort and planning for it to succeed. The most
important part of any marketing campaign is the planning phase, where you
consider the market you’re aiming for and determining the current position of
the business. 

Once the marketing campaign is
operational, you should continually track and monitor the progress of it and
tweak it wherever necessary. Content is also very important, so focus on
creating high-quality content for the intended audience. It may be beneficial
to also add social media management tools to the strategy to simplify the

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