How Businesses Can Improve Their Social Media Marketing Strategy

many businesses on social media today have no problem with taking unsecured loans to
pay influencers, fund their social media marketing team, and push their brands
to their target audience. But when social media isn’t yielding the results they
desire, they begin to panic because they know that failure to repay their loans
may result in their creditors chasing them with bailiffs like Bristow & Sutor.
If you’ve also been spending so much on your business’ social media profiles,
but you’ve not been getting decent results, have no worries because you’re not
alone. Many small business owners – after spending a lot on social media
marketing and not getting the results they desire – turn to schemes like an IVA and trust deeds to
dig themselves out of the possibility of running into an IVA debt. While
that isn’t wrong, it doesn’t solve the real problem itself. So what does? Some
may quip! Well, you simply need to improve on the strategies you’re using. How
do you do that? You’re just about to find out.

Choose the right networks

you’re quick to say that social media isn’t generating you the leads you
desire, the sales you want, and the customer base you seek, ask yourself this:
Am I even on the right networks? With so many social media platforms out there today, it may be confusing knowing the
one to choose, and if you don’t choose the right one, there is no way you will
get any result you desire from it. While many industrialists often recommend
that businesses should prioritize joining the most popular networks, including
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and lots more, we have a slightly
different opinion. There is no point flocking into different networks if your
target audiences aren’t there. So in other to choose the perfect network to
hone your social media marketing strategy, you simply need to identify the
networks that have most of your audiences. For instance, if your business is
all about photography, then platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are the best
for you.

Set a goal

business owners who often complain about not getting good results off social
media have the common problem of not setting a goal. Like every other thing in
life, you need to set a goal for which you aim to achieve with social media. Then, and only then can you truly measure your business
success on social media. So to improve your social media marketing strategy
today, you should set out some goals you aim to accomplish. Maybe you want to
perform customer service, engage customers, pitch your ideas to new audiences,
expand your customer base, and generate leads, drive sales, increase web
traffic, gain valuable insights and feedback. 

Make content creation and curation plan

your audience is critical if you want to achieve any success on social media
because the interests and needs of your audiences at all times will determine
what and when you post. Some of the most important things you should know about
your audience include age, location, gender, goals, interests, likes, needs,
behaviours, challenges, and pain points. 

Use social media tools

an age where you can make funeral plans in
advance, don’t be too surprised when you learn that you can even post things on
social media in advance. Staying active and relevant on social media takes time
and effort, and as a business owner, you may not have the luxury of those. But
there are plenty of automation tools available that you can use to publish
posts automatically, and schedule posts up to a month in advance. These tools,
which include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, and BuzzSumo, can save you time
and effort by allowing you to plan and schedule your posts in advance. 

Limit the time spent on promotion

though the ultimate goal for bringing your business into the social media fray is to sell more, become popular, and generate
more revenues, you don’t need to make it so glaring. If anything at all, your
social media followers have no real interest in whether your business does well
or not; instead, what they are interested in is their benefits and gains. So,
if you want to have their attention constantly, you need to minimize the amount
of time you spend promoting your business; instead, you should increase the
time you spend engaging and delivering beneficial content.

Use the right team

you are lucky enough to have a management team handling your social profiles,
but you’re still not getting good results, chances are your team isn’t good
enough. And you need to change the personnel. If you’re responsible for handling
the profiles yourself, but you’re not getting decent results, maybe it’s high
time you hired a pro. After all, it’s a business account and not a personal

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