Hone Your Voice: Best Practices for Social Media Marketing – Vector & Ink

Running a business is no easy feat. We know the hard work and long hours that you’ve put into creating something that fuels your passion, gives back to the community or supports your livelihood. At Vector & Ink, we believe in supporting businesses in several aspects, branding being at the forefront of priorities. Who you are and what you do should be very clear to your target audience; here are three things to consider when creating content for your social media channels. 

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk: Integrity Matters

Choosing, and sticking to, your voice for your brand humanity is critical if you want to see long term success for your business. Social media has created another avenue to show who you are to the world. It’s important you and your team know who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to be perceived by your audience while having everyone on the same page. If you haven’t already, take some time to really reflect on the voice of your company. What’s your mission? What are your goals? How do you want to play a part in your community? Get these things down in a brand storybook or social media guidelines document – both vital to inform the entirety of your team working on these practices to pursue the same brand voice goals. Answering these questions will not only help with a seamless brand across several platforms, but it will also keep your company grounded and on track.

Social Media is a Part of Your Brand

Whether you started your business last year or 20 years ago, social media marketing now plays an important role in the business world for everyone. The internet has created endless possibilities to expand your business, and you should be taking full advantage of it! Social media channels allow you to promote your product, connect with potential customers, and create relationships with them that will turn into lifetime brand loyalty. The way you conduct yourself on social media is a critical part of your branding strategy because this is where people will be turning to get a better understanding of you, your work, your business, and your employees. Utilize it wisely.

You are in Control of Your Voice, No One Else. 

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a company’s reputation being ruined on social media; it’s never pretty and often ends with a lot of angry people voicing their opinions. We are here to tell you that this shouldn’t deter you from building a strong social media presence for your company. In fact, with a strong voice and understanding of your branding, this makes for a strong foundation for your communications plan and whatever may come your way. Brick by brick, your voice will act as the sealing agent, filling in the gaps where things could potentially turn detrimental. So in case, an angry customer starts posting on your page, you’ll know exactly how to respond and diffuse the situation while keeping things professional and on-brand. 

We understand that this can feel overwhelming when trying to think about the big picture and the specific details, but you have to start somewhere! And starting begins now.

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