Full Time RV Jobs: Social Media Marketing on the Road // Remote Work Ideas

Welcome to our blog series about RV Jobs. Last week we learned about working as a CPA & author while traveling. Today we’re diving deep into the life of a Social Media Marketer who lives and travels full time in an RV.

If you’re interested in learning how to develop your skills for finding “remote work” positions, take a look at Remote Work 101. It’s a super informative course that will help you land that dream job!

RV Jobs: Social Media Marketing // Watch the Video

What is your RVing Job?

Before we dive into this social media marketing job, let us introduce Carrie. She is our source of wisdom today! Carrie has been traveling full time in her RV for one year. You can take a look at her business here – Making Money & Traveling

Here’s how Carrie defines her job.

Carrie: I make money from the road as a freelance social media marketer and a freelance writer. I write articles & blog posts and I run social media platforms for various small businesses. I run their accounts by creating social images for them, interacting with their followers and helping them grow.

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Did You Have Your Jobs Before Hitting The Road?

Many folks have had success transforming their jobs from “sticks & bricks” life into a remote work job…Carrie wasn’t able to do this though. However, her desire to hit road far exceeded her fear of treading into new employment territory. Here’s what she has to say about it.

Carrie: I didn’t have this job before RV life and I knew very little about it. Before RV life I was working a 9-5 as a title searcher in the real estate industry and I planned to take that job remotely. At the last minute – like a month before I went full time – my boss said, “we changed our mind, and you can’t go remote.”

I was kind of in a panic and had no idea what I was going to do. I had heard of social media marketing and I knew there we people online doing it while traveling. So, I started researching social media marketing obsessively and learning all I could about it…and, I really enjoyed it. 

A month or two into my full time journey I got my first client and it’s grown from there.

How Many Hours A Week Do You Work?

As content creators and full time RVers ourselves, we know its a blurry line between work and play. We’re always interested to hear how other travelers make it work. Let us know in the comments if this balance is a challenge for you!

Carrie: I work on average 15-20 hours a week. I try to keep it below 20 if I can because I became a full time RVer in the first place because I wanted more freedom.

We like the way you think, Carrie!

Is Internet Connection Important For Your Job?

Ok, Ok…we know internet connection is important to all RVers. This question is really about – to what degree is internet connection critical for your RV jobs!

Carrie: Yes! Internet connection is imperative for what I do. Since I’m working on social media and posting every day, I have to have a connection constantly. I use a Verizon Unlimited plan, a hotspot to connect to my computer and research everywhere I go to make sure there will be a cell phone signal. I read reviews online and ask around in Facebook groups.

I also use a WeBoost cell signal booster and that really helps to boost my signal in areas where connectivity isn’t really great.  

What Is The Biggest Challenge With Your Nomadic Job?

Carrie: For me the biggest challenge would be internet connectivity. It’s not challenging to stay connected or to find places where you’re going to have signal, but it’s challenging to not be able to go to really remote, off-grid places like I want to.

We couldn’t agree more and love hearing other RVers say it! Finding cellular internet is EASY if you have the right equipment and do a little research. BUT, like Carrie said, it may be tough to get too far into the boonies and stay connected.

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Do You Have A Dedicated Workspace In Your RV?

Carrie: I do not. I don’t have a dedicated workspace in my RV although I thought I was going to. I have a little desk that I thought I would work from, but I just use it for storage. I work the best where I’m comfortable, so I tend to work from the couch or even in the bed sometimes.

What Is an Essential Piece of RV Gear for Your Job?

Carrie: I have two pieces of RV gear that are essential for me to complete my job: a WiFiRanger and WeBoost cell booster. Without both of those I would’ve gotten into some really tight spots. They’ve been excellent investments to keep me connected on the road.

We agree! Both of those devices keep us connected on the road. If you’re on a budget – we recommend the WeBoost Drive 4GX Sleek. It’s a cradle shaped booster that can be used with a cell phone or a hotspot. Priced at $199, its $300 less than the RV model. It does have its limitations…but to us, it’s the most bang for the buck!

What’s One Tip You’d Give To Someone Looking for RV Jobs?

Carrie: Keep researching – keep learning about people who are doing it. Learn what they are doing and what your oppritunites are. There are so many of us out here and so many different ways you can do it. The more you research and learn about it, the more likely you are to find something that really jives with you.

More Resources for RV Jobs

You can connect with Carrie at Instagram, on her Facebook group, or through her website.

And, as we said at the top, Remote Work 101 is an awesome resource!

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