Five Video Marketing Tips You Need To Know in 2019!

Did you know that 82% of social media prefer to share live videos from a brand as compared to traditional videos? Today we’re discussing video. More importantly…five things you need to know about video marketing in 2019!

1 – GO LIVE!

As talked about in our previous blog, if you’re not utilizing Facebook LIVE…you should be! This includes Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Research shows us that live streaming encourages audience engagement (likes, comments, shares, views, etc.) and conversation.

2 – Videos MUST Be High Quality

When planning out your video marketing and your video shoot…you must plan ahead and be sure to capture your footage in a high quality format. This means 1080HD or 4k (the better option). Younger, haunt going audiences can spot poor quality in a product from MILES away. Often times your videos are the first impression your attraction gets to make on this audience. DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY!

One more thing…don’t forget about lighting! Even if your attraction is dark and dimly lit doesn’t mean your videos should be. Your video shoot must include a well thought out lighting setup to fully capture the best video possible. Clear, sharp, and engaging videos work best in your event marketing. If you skip this your videos could potentially do more harm to your brand than good.

3 – Social Media Videos are Square & Vertical

Do to the rise popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, square and vertical videos are now commonplace on social media. Which. Is a good thing. These video formats give your brand more “real estate” on a users news feed. Traditional wide-screen video and these newer formats all share the same width (on a news feed) no matter what. BUT! Square and vertical videos are granted more vertical space! Thus, giving your content more “real estate” in a users feed.

See for yourself. Go to your news feed and try to find a traditional, 1920×1080 wide format video…now find a square video. Notice the larger “footprint” given to the square video? You should be doing this .

4 – Video Is Becoming Search Friendly

Before we dive in, a warning: This feature is not fully rolled out on many accounts and is very much “in the future” for most. Regardless. Let’s cover this. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are now introducing backend technology that allows their algorithms to utilize your video captions as searchable data points. Yes. Just like a Google Search. This means that if your videos include a fair amount of talking/voice over, you should consider uploading captions to your videos. Other than helping those who may be hearing impaired, it could greatly help your organic visibility as well.

Video captions are the new “search keywords” for video marketing.

5 – Highlight The Customer Experience

Just like a great movie trailer you do NOT want to spoil the experience of your haunt in your videos. Think of it this way…it’s better for your brand to highlight and focus on the experience your guest will have rather than the physical scares themselves. Now. Do not get me wrong here…you NEED to show people getting scared. Their reactions. Show people having fun and getting scared but do NOT spoil the scare itself. Make sense? Showing people having a great time and getting scared is a great first impression for your brand to make. By the way, showing a full queue line is a great way to show popularity as well…and probably garner some social currency! 😉

That’s it! That’s our Five video marketing tips you should know for 2019! If you’d like to chat more about social media marketing, email us today and let’s get started on your 2019 advertising plans.

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