Fall for These Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media trends—both for users and marketers—come and go at breakneck speeds; just when you thought you knew it all, another tactic or trend turns things around. Now’s the time to try some of these strategies to boost your social media pages!

Try Video Marketing

You’ve probably encountered short social media videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Videos are popular among users because they’re dynamic, and because watching videos—whether about a recipe, product, or cool trend— is typically a passive and relaxing activity.

Now more than ever, consumers are interested in learning about the heart of the businesses they work with or purchase from — things like business origins, products, services, and offers. These things could be communicated in pictures and words, but what better way to showcase the ever-changing, informative, and entertaining aspects of your brand or products than with a short video? The sights, sounds, and action that come with videos can, in many cases, capture users’ attention better than images or words.

Since videos are enjoyable and convenient for users, investing in video marketing is a smart way to make your social media pages even more accessible and user-friendly—which is essential for businesses in this day and age.

Think Before You Speak

Most people’s social media feeds are comprised of familiar faces, updates, memes, and aspirational images. For many, social media is a convenient and reliable mode of relaxation. So, when polarizing content disrupts the soothing space of social media, users won’t hesitate to unfollow.

Although users appreciate authenticity, it’s important to optimize content according to what people want to see. Keep your content lighthearted, which goes beyond memes and humor. Any business—whether a bank, plumber, funeral home, dentist, or home service— can benefit from sharing positive updates.

It’s a simple tip, but one worth stating. The positive content you share could be just the message that someone needs to hear. Give your audience a reason to stop scrolling and engage with your image in a positive way.

Know Your Algorithms

Back in the day (as in a little over three years ago) social media was much simpler. Content and feeds were chronologically sorted, and we had more control over what we wanted to see.

Present-day social media platforms are much more unpredictable. Facebook and Instagram eschewed chronological feeds in favor of a refined and personalized algorithm that sorts posts according to their “measured” importance, or your likelihood of interacting with the content. For example, Facebook places your friends’ activities, such as likes, tags, and comments, in your News Feed. On the other hand, Twitter will randomly place your friend’s liked tweets on your timeline.

When algorithm updates occur, adjust your sails—but not without reading the “fine print.” For example: the Facebook News Feed Update earlier this year reads like a momentous move to return to its origins as a social media platform; that is, social media, in which friends share meaningful interactions online. But this change came with challenges for businesses, and suddenly brands needed to balance stricter content stipulations with the necessity to remain visible on social feeds. Try your best to keep up with News Feed updates so you can create great content that aligns with algorithmic stipulations.

In the end, you never know what you’ll encounter when you open social media apps—both as a user and a business owner marketing through social. Our best advice can be summed up like this: Do your research, watch your words, keep your eyes open, and embrace change.

Cecilia Lopez

Cecilia started at ReachLocal as an intern and now works as a Digital Marketing Manager at the Plano office. She specializes in social media and blogs and likes to find ways to improve her clients’ written and visual content. Cecilia eats cheese three times per day, and her other hobbies include writing, drawing, and casual birdwatching.

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