Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Different social media platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter have brought in a paradigm change to the field of marketing.

About 2.2 billion users enhance their social circles through Facebook every month. But with high power comes great responsibility and Facebook has to maintain a compelling marketing strategy for being at the top of the tier.

Video marketing is slowly emerging as the best tool in Facebook’s arsenal. Today we will show you how to make the most out it to boost up your engagement metric.

1. Keep It Short Yet Intriguing

Short videos having a compelling storyline have a higher probability of getting viral provided it receives the right backing of a robust visual narration. Relevant videos tend to leave back a lasting impact and have better recall than images and text messages.

Facebook advises keeping the video length under 2 minutes for benefitting out of maximum impact. Your main motive here should be to convey the message across the table before your user loses interest. 

2. Use the native Facebook player

Video uploaded directly to Facebook has a higher chance of capturing the attention of potential clients. Various studies have proved that native videos of Facebook perform four times better in comparison to its peer video formats.

Native videos even have an autoplay feature which allows users to watch videos seamlessly without having to click the screen time and again.

3. Make The Most Out Of The Golden Window

Even when your video doesn’t have viral content, you can encourage your audience to watch the same by setting the flow in the first 4 seconds. Be it a funny joke or some super artistic filters; options are limitless for enhancing the attractiveness of the video within the golden window.

Your ultimate goal here should be to prevent your potential customers from scrolling past your video. You can even decrease its length for maintaining the engagement level. Striking the right balance between entertainment and information can lure in more organic traffic towards your page. You can gain ideas about optimizing your video content by scanning through the accounts of your competitors. 

4. Use Facebook 360 Videos

This feature was rolled out by Facebook with the motive of using virtual reality in sparking more interaction over social media. You should try and utilize this tool for providing your audience with a new and improved look of your story.

They will feel teleported to the actual scene in which the video was shot while navigating through their screens. Viewers can rotate and pan the video for watching it from different perspectives of their preference.

5. Share Insights About The Video

Providing viewers with the highlights of the video at the very onset can lure in their attention. In this case, viewers get to understand what they can expect out of the same and are more likely to watch it till the very end.

But you need to be cautious about the introductory message you use so that it intrigues your viewers for staying glued to the screen.

One of the primary motives of any marketing campaign is to trigger the viewers for doing something, whether it is subscribing to a particular page or buying some goodies or maybe even donating for charitable purposes.

While using Facebook, it becomes super easy to add a CTA as this option appears immediately after you upload a video. You can take your pick amongst different options such as “Shop Now,” “Book Now,” “Sign Up,” “Watch More,” and “Learn More.”

7. Weighing On Facebook Live

Marketers can live stream different events and share the same with their followers by using this dynamic feature of Facebook. It can also be of great help while planning a detailed promotional guide for your upcoming event. You can do the same by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Next comes a mock broadcast which prepares the audience for what is in store for them. Here you need to be cautious about the video content for keeping it short and crisp. You also need to make sure that your targeted audience does not face any distractions while trying to hear the same.
  • Once you proceed with real-time broadcasting, you need to make sure that the video content is both attention-grabbing as well as comprehensive. You can uniquely introduce yourself and keep on continually engaging with your viewers during the duration of the live broadcast. On coming to the end of the video, you should thank your audience and also announce the tentative dates of your next Livestream.
  • Since all of your subscribers might not be able to watch the live stream on a real-time basis, it is necessary also to provide the same on demand.

8. Choose The Right Time

Certain hours of the day tend to create more engagement than others, and that is why it pays to post your Facebook videos within that time frame. Doing otherwise might prevent your video from grabbing the attention of your targeted audience as they might not even get to see the same.

9. Analyze Where You Stand

Making data-driven decisions can serve as your first step in the process of gaining tremendous success in the field of social media advertising. You can seek out the help of Facebook Insights for assessing audience engagement.

Taking a look at the views received, average duration and completion rates of various videos can help you understand your loopholes for filling up the same in your upcoming projects.

10. Create A Playlist

Facebook videos can be grouped to create a playlist, just like YouTube. This also makes it easier for the viewers to find the videos easily as the same gets sorted into different categories like DIY projects, recipes, and many more.

Videos can be of great help in strengthening your overall marketing strategy. You should try and include Facebook videos in your marketing radar for reaching out to a broader audience base. Its easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect choice for everybody, be it top influencers or amateurs trying to make their mark. 

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