Facebook Video Marketing Tips that will help you increase views

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world and do you know how many videos get viewed by Facebook monthly users? Well, from the latest survey, there are over 8 billion videos viewed every day, which is equivalent to 100 million hours of videos. These stats were reported early last year so imagine how much larger the numbers are today as Facebook continued to grow and double down on videos. Additionally, Facebook is highly dynamic with things changing every other day. Since it seems like every business is doing it, you have to stand out from the crowd for Facebook video marketing to work for your brand. With help from the following tips and other share, Facebook features, Webplayer Team will help you stay ahead of the game.
* Upload the video directly to Facebook
Facebook not only encourages it, they actually show the video to more people if you upload directly. So if you want to increase your views, you should definitely start here.
* Capture your audience’s attention within the first few seconds
Remember it is all about the first impression. You must impress the audience for them to set aside what they were doing. For that, you have to first need to play around with the video thumbnails. Custom thumbnails are the perfect example. Get a little creative and even use a short post update to tease the video.
* Captions play a significant role in a video
According to the rising trend, silent videos are among the most preferred watches of the viewers. According to the recent studies, 85% of views on Facebook videos are without sound. When you upload a video on Facebook, upload SRT files of your captions. You can also add captions to your Facebook videos by editing the existing ones.
* Keep your video length short
No one wants long-length videos. Viewers have a short attention span and people want information instantly. so, it is essential to provide through video content in a very firm way. You can gain great potential customers if you win the challenge of providing all the necessary information on brief time.

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