Facebook Marketing Bangla Tutorial 2019 – Best Facebook Ads Tips For Successful Campaign – 50 Lac

This Facebook marketing Bangla tutorial will help you to learn how to advertise perfectly in 2019. I provided some of my best tips that are really awesome for facebook marketing.

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What is facebook marketing: Facebook marketing is a process of selling your product or service and fulfill customer satisfaction.

I have been invested 50 lac take on the Facebook ads for some of my clients. In this Bangla video tutorial, I will give some of my favorite tips. That will be helpful for you.

1. If you want to advertise on facebook you must need a fan page. So build a FB fan page according to your products or services.

2. Think about your customers or audiences. This is the main part of advertising if you know your target market then it is easy to do marketing. So who is the target group of your products?

3. Select your ad type is one of the main things you have to do. If you want to get more like on facebook the focus on there. and start page like ads. If you want to get more store visit then start local awareness ads. So it depends on your goal. Make sure you know your goal. The start facebook advertising according to your main goal.

4. This is one of the best tips for all the facebook marketers. Budgeting is the key to positive Return on Investment (ROI). The best tips start with a low budget. If you found high engagements then increased your budget. Never invest a lot fro the starting moments.

5. In my concept for e-commerce business, facebook engagements / boost your post ads work better than others ad type. If you want to start engagement ads you have to know the main elements of the boost ads. There are so many parts of boost ads.

a. Post copy: It is should be small and sweet. make it attractive so that people can easily understand your post meaning. If you write in English make sure there is no grammatical mistake.

b. Creative: This is the main part of your ads, Make sure you added a female model pic. You can include your product, text and brand color. My tips are Female model with smile face, with your products ads work better.

c. Button: we can ad button on our Facebook ads. Make sure you added send message button.

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Facebook Marketing Bangla Tutorial 2019 - Best Facebook Ads Tips For Successful Campaign - 50 Lac

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