Source: The Economic Times

Coursera, an educational platform joined hands with social media giant Facebook. They designed a new era course that offers a Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate. It offers a great opportunity as it requires no prior experience. Anyone, even a beginner can apply for the certificate and gain skills for social media marketing jobs within months.

This field has a lot of scope due to social media’s growing popularity. Almost every company has understood its importance and is investing in social media marketing. Advertising on social media is growing exponentially and can cross $43 billion by the end of 2020. The world’s half population spends a significant amount of time on social media, its prospects are increasing every year.

Subjects to be covered in this five-course program are related to curating impactful content, designing campaigns, then identifying the right platform for it, measuring campaign effectiveness, and working to protect user data. The course is not restricted to Facebook’s system, it touches the basics of social media marketing for multiple platforms. This offers the applicants a chance to know about the algorithm of social media platforms.

This course demands to be completed within 20 weeks, offering leniency to devote only 5 hours per week. The ones who complete the course will receive a professional certificate that can be highlighted on the resume of the candidates. It can be used to apply for beginner level social media marketing jobs.

A consortium of top companies employs these candidates. They have to share their resumes and the consortium with pick the best of talents. Brands who are a part of it are Facebook, Freelancer, Ruggable, L’ange Hair, Snow Teeth Whitening among others.

Judy Toland, Vice President of Facebook and head of Scaled Solutions gave his viewpoint. He says that in the constantly changing environment demands new skills to deal with the issue of unemployment and courses like this will help in reskilling the individuals. He understands that digital space will have a huge stake in the new market. To adapt and grow even further, people need to have relevant skills. This intelligent move by Facebook will attract a lot of marketing enthusiasts.

He further added that it’s not clear how a single organization aspires to solve the global skills gap all by itself. He believes that these partnerships will have an impact which will be evident in the future. They aim to provide beginners with critical social media marketing skills and give one-hand experience in real-world jobs. This will be the founding stone of their careers in social media marketing.

On this Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera said that more courses will be introduced in collaboration with Facebook. He expresses his desire to work more on projects like this and offer certificates to the interested population. It will bring job-relevant learning in budding aspirants of marketing.

It aims to prepare a workforce which is ready for the new jobs and will address the growing problem of unemployment.


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