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Business – Civic – Associations
Kathy’s entertaining and educational workshops have been presented at Fortune 500 companies, Chamber of Commerce, Associations and many civic organizations. Her presentations are motivational and inspire her audiences because she openly shares stories about her life and career. She is multi-faceted and offers a diverse view to her audiences as she imparts her knowledge and experience.

Communication is an issue whether you’re small or large. Is communicating effectively online a goal of yours this year? Learn how to Harvest the Fruits of your Strategic Online and Social Media Communications with tips that you can use immediately.

Speaking Topics & Workshops:

Is Online Marketing and Social Media a Fad? And can I ignore it!
Social Media & Self-Empowerment Tools for Success!
The Top 10 Online Marketing Business Uses
Social Media & You – You are Your Brand!
Reality TV & You – 8 Secrets to being the Director in Your Life’s Reality TV Show Using the Law of Attraction
Your Marketing Tree Matrix – Harvesting the Fruits of your Strategic Communications
The Life/Work Balance Tree – Does it need Pruned or Nurtured?
Releasing Stress in the Workplace (Breakthrough Release Technique)
The Mirror Factor, a Reflection into You & Your Business
Appearance Marketing & the Law of Attraction
Living Your Legacy vs. Leaving One
Joint Venture Marketing–Creating Strategic Alliances

Kathy Perry Snapshot:
25+ years in Technology
Former Corporate Executive – VP Sales and Marketing
Author / Professional Speaker
Founder of iWomanLife and PeakPerformanceWomen.com
Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
BrainTrust Member on Small Business Advocate Radio

Clients are able to tap into Kathy’s 25+ years of award-winning sales and marketing business experience of working with individual small business owners and Fortune 500 companies. Her track record includes taking a start-up technology company from unknown to being one of the top three vendors recommended by the Analysts, as well as helping a small business organization grow their membership from 70 to 1,700 in one month.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Kathy has worked with Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses for a number of years and now provides Internet Marketing, Mobile Apps and Social Media Coaching Services to them. Kathy is a part of the BrainTrust on the Jim Blasingame Small Business Advocate Radio Show.

She uses her unique Hub Socializer System, as well as her other programs (i.e., Social Marketing Tree, Marketing Tree Matrix, Life/Work Balance Tree and Mirror Factor System), as a fresh new way to see those areas that may be keeping businesses from achieving their overall goals and objectives.


Kathy’s coaching services include online marketing strategies, social media strategies, website reviews, SEO, Mobile Apps and Internet marketing analysis.
Speaking Topics include:

Marketing Your Business Online
Social Media Marketing
Social Marketing Tree
Self Empowerment Tools for Success
The Energy of Social Engagement
Top 10 Social Media Business Uses
Meeting professionals find Kathy inspires and empowers her audiences with cutting edge information and she is often asked to return to the same audience, since she has created a foundation of modules that can be built upon.

These services are designed to increase marketing effectiveness by identifying marketing gaps online, with the overall objective to develop a multi-tiered digital marketing and social media strategy that increases visibility and grows your business. Based on the gaps we find, we are better able to determine an online marketing and social media strategy that aligns with your specific goals.

Kathy’s Consulting / Coaching Services:

Digital Marketing Coaching/Consulting Sessions
Competitive Research
Brainstorming/Strategy Sessions
Website Reviews
VIP 1 Day Intensives
Digital Marketing and SEO Analysis
Social Media Marketing Analysis
Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android
Research Services
Social Marketing Check-up & Review Sessions
Access Consciousness Bars Sessions
Business & Energy Empowerment Sessions
Mindset – Self-Empowerment Coaching

Kathy is a leader in the Personal Growth Industry and is a Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. She was a keynote speaker at the 2011 Creating My Intentions Conference in Tampa, Florida and workshop leader at the Tampa Miracle of Love Conference in 2010. Kathy founded a social networking site for Women at iWomanLife.com and is also part of the Wolf Omega Team – a woman’s advocacy group advising on how to market more effectively to women.

Another http://www.moovinvideo.com

Facebook Advertising, Target Your Ideal Customer, Tampa FL. Social media consultant, author

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