Effective Video Marketing Tips for Startups

Well if you are under the impression that creating a product video is enough, then you need to re-evaluate your assumptions. Developing a product is the first step in building an audience for your product, the rest of the game depends on the kind of video marketing approach you’ll adopt. For a startup, every penny counts, literally. Bootstrapping at every single stage, to attain a good market validation is what all startups do. Therefore, it is imperative for startups to divulge in right video marketing approach to capture the attention of the masses while staying within the predetermined budget.

For budding entrepreneurs investing their time and money in video marketing is a challenge since both the cases are quite difficult to accommodate considering the financial constraints. Startups must understand the fact that marketing animated videos online is as important as developing them in the first place.

Below are few video marketing tips put together specially for startups by the top Video Explainer Company, Brand Explainers.

Assign a Motive: Yup, you’ve read that all right. For companies opting for video marketing, it is important to attach a purpose to your video marketing strategy. What are you trying to accomplish with the video you are about to publish. Generally the idea behind publishing a video online is to educate, entertain, and inspire your target audience and this is the sort of video content that is shared and stick to memory forever.

In short, to assign a motive to your video marketing strategy – know who your target audience is and create content they want and would like to share.

Topic and Formats: Once you’ve evaluated your target audience, determine which format and topic will connect at a deeper level with your target audience. Is it the instructional “how-to’s” video they’ll like, the brand stories they are interested in or the narratives. This is something that you have to decide considering your target audience and the product/ service you are offering.

Video Content Creators: Next, decide who will develop the content for your online video. Usually companies have two options, in-house content creators or hire a professional agency to work on your script. Well, now this list has stretched a bit, blogger and influencers are knights in shining armors. They will not only develop your video but will also promote them (Influencer marketing, remember?). Now, it is completely up to the factors like your target audience, your budget, time availability and innovation that will determine the creator of your video content.

Where and How to Promote a Video: Developing a video and just publishing it to YouTube will not fetch you views. As a startup, since you are walking on thin budget ice, you need to look for effective yet pocket friendly ways to promote your videos. Look for bloggers, influencers, businesses, friends and relatives who are ready to step in and promote your videos.

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