Dear Client, Allow Us to Wow Your Clients! | Social Media Marketing

As a Social Media Marketing agency allow me to ask you this somewhat private question:

Do you remember that girl/boy you met at one stage of your life and said to yourself: “Oh my, they’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with!” ?

However, you forgot that you’re white and they’re black, you’re of different religions and there’s this huge age difference.. Yup it’s a really messed up scenario but, as crazy as it may sound, we’re here to make it happen!

Before plunging into that, I would like to take you on a tiny tour back in history of Social Media.

We all know that today’s Social Media Marketing is the most prominent type of marketing in 2019 and it’s going stronger than ever but of course this did not happen overnight.

You might think that Social Media started with Facebook, but that’s not the case. If you look back, in 1997 Six Degrees was the first “Social Media” platform. Then in 2002 Friendster emerged, MySpace in 2003, and then Facebook followed in 2004. Of course, these were primarily “Social Networks” where people would interact with one another.

However, with time, evolution and digitalization of literally everything, it was about time for Marketing to step in into the Social Media as well. Indeed, the growth of Social Media throughout the years has created a need to meet the customers’ demands, as fast and as entertaining as possible.

And because we’re too involved and attached to our Social Media these days, it became much easier to target customers at anytime and anywhere. A recent study claimed that people check their phones at least 200 times daily. I find it ridiculous. I believe it’s much more than 200 times. Let’s be real people, our phones don’t fall off of our hands all day and night long! As tragic as it may be, in terms of health and such, it is still good news for Social Media Marketing Agencies.

Furthermore, Knowledge Management has interfered in shaping Social Media Marketing in countless ways. Today, Social Media Marketing agencies are able to send personalized and unique offers to each individual online. This way the consumer thinks he is special, and it makes it easier to close the deal since it filters what they need and actually willing to buy.  

With this intention in mind, let’s go back to the scenario I proposed earlier:

It’s always HARD to impress The Devil.. (coughs) sorry I mean the girl (target audience) because, firstly, it’s a new encounter, secondly, you don’t know what to expect which elevates the difficulties and tension between both parties. Plus, in order to get your wishes, you really have to compromise. A LOT. So instead of saying: “No, I don’t eat fish.” You better say: “Oh fish is my FAVORITE food!!” (you can go throw it up after you close the deal, we will guide you through the procedure step by step).

My point is, as a Social Media Marketing agency, we try to make point of views closer because at the end of the day we care about the end results. No matter how work it takes us to get there. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR RESULTS.

We want your target audience to reach “Ah where have you been all this time? you’re the perfect match!” moment.

This of course takes a lot of trust..
blind trust perhaps but believe me we’re as concerned with the positive outcome
as much as you are and maybe more because to be honest our reputation is on the

So when we arrange the long awaited date with your dream girl (aka your target audience), we make sure that the ambient is accepted by all parties. We won’t arrange a meeting in a club when no one likes loud music.. We would arrange it in a small cozy place with Jazz music in the background. Or in a wrestling club.. whatever is more convenient. We basically, do exactly what the client’s needs for them to move a few steps closer to the success they’ve always imagined and then some. We wow them by our own X-factors that they never saw coming and essentially provides them with additional value.

Indeed, it’s easy said than done, but that’s our job to create a one hell of an experience for both you and your clients. So when we try to talk to your audience we make sure that you will never upset them because once they are upset, you lose your chances with the love of your life forever and that’s something neither of us would like.

This factor I would like to call: Never Fail to Impress. And that can be done solely by clear and clean communication methods. There’s no room for errors.

Moreover, many times, you and your
clients have very different perspectives due to the diversity of human beings,
and in some cases narcissism which makes it extremely hard to agree on one thing.
Here’s exactly what we do: we keep both of your ideas as is but we closely
study and analyze the needs and then create a mutual ground for you both to stand
on. Once we’re there, there’s nothing to fear anymore.

This factor I call: Le Magical Touch.
Our magical touch is what’s granting us the chance to build and exquisite type
of business relationships with our clients.

On the other hand, sometimes we have to play the role of the curious mother-in-law. Especially, when you’re married now and it’s been like 3 weeks with no obvious baby bump. Just as she calls in the middle of the night, to check on the “workflow” and if you’re doing everything “correctly” and that everything is “going in” perfectly, we’d like to do the same. Except, we won’t be calling at midnight supplying you with instructions on how to get on with it, unless you need it, then why not. Anything for you!

This I call: the right amount of follow up at the right time.

Our approach helps us predict if there’s any trouble to be avoided at early stages and that’s merely to guarantee the baby’s existence and safety. And if all is going according to the plan, then the clients would be pleased and satisfied to know that we’re concerned with the outcomes and the babies for that matter.

We know that giving guidance and
support to our customers is at the basis of what’s called customer services. Plus,
you have to show the ones you love them that you love them. However, everyone
responses differently to this, i;e kisses and hugs are not everyone’s cup of
tea, some like a double patty cheese burger with extra large fries and a diet coke.
Whatever serves the purpose, we make sure it’s done.

Another key point I would like to shed the lights on is that part of our strategy as an Online Marketing Agency in Lebanon, is that we try to deliver more than what we’ve promised and let me tell you why:

Because every client of ours becomes a new family member to be nourished and cared for. When other social media agencies simply care about the $$$$$ bills, we go an extra mile to win our clients’ hearts over and maintain a lifetime relationship with them. Don’t get me wrong, we do care about the cash, but love and cash together, well that’s us hitting the jackpot. These solid relationships that we maintain with our clients are usually overlooked by other Digital Marketing Agencies but it is the very core of ours and frankly the base of our success.

Undoubtedly, our Social Media Marketing agency would never really exist if weren’t for our clients. So as much as they might be grateful for our help, we are grateful for their existence. They made us who we are today. And we only try to wow them because we feel like we owe it to them to at least show our gratitude for choosing and trusting us with their business. And “marriage”.

P.S: We are opening a new department in our company: “Marriage Counseling”. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your most intimate difficulties. We will be pleased to guide you through the rough patches that you’ve got yourselves into 😀

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