Dealer Teamwork Announces BMW Dealerships Are Now Co-op Eligible For MPOP® Social Media Marketing – Dealer Teamwork

Dealer Teamwork, an industry-leading digital marketing automation company, announced today that BMW Tier III automotive retail dealerships are now eligible for 50 percent retail co-op for Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP® Social Media Marketing product. BMW dealerships can use Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP® digital advertising platform to advertise new and used vehicle offers on Facebook and Instagram. MPOP® Social Media Marketing will be automatically included at no additional cost for BMW dealerships that sign up for Dealer Teamwork’s Gold or Platinum packages.

Previously, BMW dealerships were only eligible for retail co-op to use the MPOP® to advertise offers on Google, Bing, YouTube and within email marketing campaigns. Now, those funds can also be used for Dealer Teamwork’s MPOP® Social Media Marketing product, which allows BMW dealerships to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Dealer Teamwork recently improved its MPOP® Social Media Marketing package by integrating the MPOP® with Facebook Marketplace. This integration allows BMW dealerships to show all of their used vehicle offers to in-market shoppers on Facebook Marketplace.

As an industry leader, Dealer Teamwork saves dealerships significant time, effort and money spent merchandising vehicle and service inventory to their digital marketing channels. Dealer Teamwork helps BMW dealerships convert more vehicle buyers across multiple media channels while preventing lost sales opportunities. This is accomplished through Dealer Teamwork’s modern omnichannel advertising and media optimization platform, the MPOP®.

The MPOP® enables BMW dealerships to instantly push dynamically generated content like payments, current incentives and other valuable buying information, to their linked marketing channels.

“We’re pleased to expand our relationship with BMW to make the MPOP® even more affordable for BMW tier III dealerships,” said Dealer Teamwork’s National Sales Manager, Brian Voss. “Together with BMW, we’re excited to provide BMW and its 347 dealerships with a best-in-class social media marketing solution that saves them significant time, money and effort spent advertising vehicle offers on social media.”

About Dealer Teamwork

Dealer Teamwork is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies creating first-class solutions for the retail automotive industry. Dealer Teamwork created the automotive industry’s first MPOP®, a patented Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform. This omnichannel marketing platform creates a significant competitive advantage by syndicating dealership vehicle and service offer campaigns to more shoppers, effectively and efficiently.

Dealer Teamwork’s headquarters is in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and services an international customer base from offices in California, Arizona, Nevada, New York and Texas.

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