Buffer Tutorial 2020 – Beginner’s Training Guide

A tutorial on how to use Buffer to manage multiple social media accounts from the same platform. Buffer helps digital marketers consolidate tasks, schedule social posts for the future and review performance of social media marketing campaigns.

This full-length Buffer tutorial covers all of the primary features and is intended for beginners and experts.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: 0:00
Accessing Buffer: 0:20
Buffer Pricing: 0:30
Account Creation: 1:45
Adding Social Accounts: 2:20
Buffer User Interface: 3:15
Introduction to Buffer Queue: 4:44
Modifying Queue Schedule: 5:08
Adding Social Posts to the Queue: 6:55
Reposting an Old Social Share: 10:40
Introduction to Buffer Drafts: 11:55
Reviewing Buffer Settings: 12:25
Link Shortening Customization: 12:33
Integrating Buffer with Google Analytics: 12:42
Shuffling the Order of Scheduled Posts: 13:01
Introduction to the Reply Feature: 13:46
Introduction to the Analyze Feature: 14:22
Adding and Removing Social Accounts: 15:08
Upgrading Your Buffer Account Plan: 15:50
Content Curation Tools: 16:47
Using the Buffer Chrome Extension: 17:35
Modifying Scheduled Posts: 19:42
Outro: 20:03

For behind the scenes and exclusive content:

Published by Anson Alexander from http://AnsonAlex.com

Buffer Tutorial 2020 - Beginner's Training Guide

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