Astute Graphics – 05 Design Tips for Editorial and Infographic Design

Astute Graphics provide powerful and professional plugins for Adobe Illustrator. Our tools help professionals in all design industry sectors. In this series of videos for ‘Design Tips for Editorial & Infographics’ we will take you through the plugins that help you become more creative and reduce time spent in repetitive tasks. We will be using multiple plugins in Adobe Illustrator to help you create a smooth workflow for yourself.

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Our story so far…
We are leading innovative experts in designing imaginative tools for vector designers that significantly save time, boost creativity and achieve refined results. We lead the way with cutting-edge design software — we bring back the fun to drawing whilst making it far easier to meet tight deadlines and make on the fly changes. Astute Graphics is driven by its employees who demonstrate a passion for continuously enhancing your design workflow. We invest time in finding out what you really need and with our wealth of creativity and resourcefulness we are able to bring out a steady stream of releases each year.

Well established with an enviable reputation in our field, this has led to strong alliances with key partners such as Adobe, Wacom, authors and high profile designers. We have deep values and ethics to conduct our business responsibly and fairly both with our valued clients and suppliers. These values transcend into our every day dealings whereby we ensure speedy responses to customer queries and prompt payment to suppliers.

Astute Graphics - 05 Design Tips for Editorial and Infographic Design

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