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It seems that information, updates, and recommendations to stop the spread of Coronavirus are changing by the minute. Dental practices across the country are updating health and safety policies or closing altogether. Many practices are discovering that patients are canceling or rescheduling their dental appointments to adhere to social-distancing advice. These constant changes make your social media pages critical. Your practice can provide value to your followers and patients online by being an active voice in the health care industry.

Whether your practice is keeping its doors open or closing for the next few weeks, social media is the first place patients will go to find updates on your practice. Social media allows you to keep in contact with your patients and followers, keep them updated and ensure that your number one priority is the health of your team and patients. Although your practice may be closed for regular appointments, your social media pages are still open to answer questions and update your patients on the status of your office and dental team.

The worst thing your dental practice can do is be silent when your concerned patients and community are looking for support online. Dental practices have a strong voice in their communities as healthcare workers meaning that many people will look to your practice’s social media pages for advice and reassurance.

Posting to social media allows you to establish yourself as a dependable practice and gives you the chance to build trust and create relationships with your audience. You’ll find that being present online is the best way to provide reassurance and stay in touch with your patients through this uncertain time.

We’ve laid out 9 ideas on how to stay active and connected to your dental patients online.

1. Record a short video for Facebook and Instagram with a few tips on at-home preventive dental care or record a video answering questions like “What is a dental emergency?” “What to do in case of a dental emergency?” Give instructions on exactly how to contact you if a patient has an emergency. Patients may be extra concerned about this right now, especially if your practice is closed.

2. Create a post that demonstrates the extra measures your practice is taking to protect your patients. This shows your knowledge, that you are taking the situation seriously, and assures your patients that their safety is your number one priority.

3. Post a photo or video of you deep-cleaning the office. Build trust with your followers by showing them the measures your team is taking to keep your practice exceptionally clean. Explain what kind of bacteria-killing products your practice uses to ensure a safe and sanitary experience for every patient.

4. Share a post that gives tips on avoiding touching the mouth, eyes and nose and instructions on how to wash hands correctly. Tell your patients that you care about them and you want them to stay educated on how to be healthy!

5. Post a photo of the activities you and your dental team are doing at home! Offer some at-home activity ideas like organizing drawers, learning a new recipe or at-home yoga. Many of your patients will be working from home and staying in, this is a perfect opportunity to connect with them on your page!

6. Since many people are staying home, they get more time with their furry friends. Ask patients to share a photo of their pet in the comment section of your post! This idea gives your patients and fans a reason to engage and share with your practice.

7. Ask your team members to recommend their favorite, must-watch T.V. show! Share your team’s binge-worthy shows and add a little synopsis for your fans. Post your recommendations on your social media pages and ask your followers for their suggestions.

8. If your practice has closed its doors, let your fans know that you will keep them updated on when your practice will be open again. Plan on posting updates about when your office will be open again. Use this as an opportunity to remind patients to come in when things are back to normal. Let your patients know that you miss seeing them and that you can’t wait to have them back in your office! Need graphics for social media? Download a few COVID-19 graphics here.

9. If you’re out of the office, spend some time educating yourself by watching dental education webinars. This is a perfect time to create a plan on how to get better at welcoming new patients, exceed your current patients’ expectations, retain or reactivate patients, and build relationships with your community.

The importance of social media for dentists and orthodontists cannot be emphasized enough. Particularly during this confusing time. Set aside some time to make a social media plan using the dental post ideas mentioned. There is no better opportunity to showcase leadership, establish new relationships, and provide support to your patients

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