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Video marketing has emerged as a great tool for businesses. With the shortening attention span of consumers, marketers are increasingly looking to this medium to help them break through the clutter and deliver their brand messages in an engaging manner. Companies large and small have turned to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to post product tutorials, commercials, and testimonials, but how do they use that content to convert views into sales?

These seven tips can help marketers earn more sales and dollars from their video marketing efforts.

1. Be Up Front and Authentic

There is no faster way to sabotage a video marketing campaign than by lacking authenticity. If consumers sense that something isn’t as it appears in your message, you will immediately lose their trust. With that fleeing trust goes the opportunity to close the deal with those viewers.

So how do marketers maintain authenticity while also portraying their product in the best possible light? It all starts with determining a clear and concise message for your video. Try writing a script to make sure you deliver accurate and consistent information, and recording multiple versions to ensure you have a quality end product. If your content comes off as genuine to you, then you’re ready to move on to the next critical aspect.

2. Create Video Consistently

If you’re going to add video to your marketing tool belt, make sure that you have enough time and resources to publish this type of  content on a consistent basis. Regular publishing sets  expectations for viewers and can help increase viewership, which betters your opportunity to make a sale. Creating video regularly will also allow you to keep your content short while still covering all of the features and benefits of your product.

Consistent publishing benefits your SEO efforts as well, a key component in boosting visibility and driving viewers to your content. The key ingredients of SEO for video are the Tags, Title, and Description, which should contain your targeted keywords. You can also transcribe the contents of your material and include that information in the description for further SEO benefits. More viewers means more prospective buyers, so don’t ignore this factor.

3. Publish Product Demos

The best way to sell your product via video is to show consumers how it helps meet their needs. Detailing features that give your product or service a competitive advantage can help set you apart from your competition. Product demonstrations also allow you to display your expertise and answer objections before they even arise. Be sure to include tips and tricks within your product demonstrations so viewers feel like they are receiving a personalized experience. All these small details can help move viewers down the sales funnel towards a purchase.

4. Take Time To Answer Questions

Video doesn’t have to be a one-sided conversation. Take the time to read and respond to questions that viewers ask in comments, messages and via social media. Answering questions can offer new ways to talk about your product and enable you to display your customer service skills. It also shows that you value your viewers as real consumers. There are many options for shopping online and small details within your video can help keep online customers coming back again and again.

5. Involve The Viewer

Tap into the power of your audience. As your consumers start to become more comfortable with your video marketing, ask them to send you clips of how they use your product. This will act as a sort of testimonial that you can start to work into your content. Peer recommendations are strong influencers and seeing how another consumer uses your product to solve their problem can help drive sales growth.

6. Use Video To Build Your Contact List

By using annotations within your video, you can link to the email sign-up page on your website. Using this powerful visual content can help you generate valuable leads that are likely already aware of your product and may already be interested. These highly qualified leads can then be tapped to generate a secondary level of sales based on your marketing videos. Just make sure you get them on that mailing list!

7. Run a Contest

Running a contest can be a fun and easy way to gather leads and generate interesting content. Issuing a challenge for user submitted videos or running a simple giveaway that requires users to watch your video for a keyword or phrase is a great way to educate consumers about your product while also creating a large number of leads. Using traditional sales follow up methods these leads can turn into sales.

Video is a mighty weapon when used correctly. These tips can help you turn your YouTube or Vimeo presence into a valuable part of your sales funnel.

Do you use video marketing in your business?  If so, what other methods have you found that help work?  Please let us know in the comment section below.

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