7 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing Help

If you’re running a business, you already have enough reasons to need the right answers to your marketing questions.  But when do you come to your senses to know that you need social media marketing help? We have 7 simple reasons for you.

1. Someone tells you that your business has no social media presence, and you stare at them like they’ve got two heads. Today, any business whether a spa, coffee shop, dentist, or retail store looking to succeed and grow must include a social media management plan in its marketing strategy. And while five years ago one person could have handled your social content updates, now it takes a team.

2. Sending a single press release and crossing our fingers that the right reporter gets it is not a marketing plan. We can now disseminate press releases through digital media outlets to specific reporters statewide and post those releases to blogs, Twitter and other social content delivery systems.3. Facebook isn’t going anywhere. Some people might tell you Facebook is on its way out as a place for content consumption, but a whole new generation of young people are setting up accounts. That means it’s time for you to invest in social content management tools, developing your business page, boosting content updates and posts, looking at  analytics and insights, or hiring staff or a team to manage content updates and pages for you.4. Instagram is a potential advertising platform. Instagram started as a social media platform where people posted selfies, sunsets and the meals they were about to feast on at up and coming dining spots. But it has evolved into a site similar to Twitter where people ask to be “followed,” often times with a business interest, for example, custom made cakes, tourism, and restaurants.5. Pinterest isn’t just for stay-at-home moms anymore. Just as Instagram evolved from a selfie showcase into a business platform, Pinterest changed too. If universities, beauty brands, or a variety of other businesses can get on board by establishing brand recognition through continuous views of their Pinterest boards, why not your business? Through its active social network, you can reach a broad audience.6. Social media experts can help you find your audience. If you’re too busy with creating and selling your product or intimidated overall by social media, you need social media marketing help. A solid social strategy and plan will find your customers and get your messages out to them. The more you stay top of mind through frequent content updates, you are more likely to engage and create relationships with new customers. This is where Sparky can help with social media content delivery.7. Social media is only growing. We’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn, and more, and these are mainstream. In addition, we’ve got too many blogs to count. Just as a business needed a website ten years ago to become better established, a business without social media help today will simply fall behind their competition.

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