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Wondering what would be some of the best video marketing tips that can help you step up your vlogging game? We’ve got you covered!

Did you know that:

All these and more you can find in the Wyzowl’s latest State of Video Marketing 2019 report. And why you should even look at it? Well, in case you still don’t realize how big video marketing is, now is the time! Knowing that we share these best video marketing tips so you can improve your vlogging and be that much better with your work!


The video is absolutely the most significant way to communicate your product, service or a brand, according to CISCO. Even back in 2017, it was accounting up to 75% of all consumer internet traffic, but expectations are that video content will reach 82% by 2022!

With that in mind, there is no doubt that you should include vlogging and videos in your marketing strategy to effectively compete on the market. According to Nielson, 64% of marketers expect the video to dominate their strategies!

Here are a few more details to show the importance of business videos:

And don’t forget, after a long time, smartphones will not be on top of the annual growing device list, but “just” the second fastest. The top of this list is reserved for connected TVs (which include flat-panel TVs, set-top boxes, digital media adapters [DMAs], Blu-ray disc players, and gaming consoles) and what do you think users will do on these devices? Read? Think again.

The best video marketing tips 2019 edition

1. Timing is everything!

Just as in writing for the web, you need to make your video message on point – or the essential things – in the first 10 seconds. That’s how much time people have or are willing to spend to get to know with whatever you’re trying to share with them. That means you need to be as specific and engaging and quick in “selling” them that pitch on why they should invest their time to watch it all through the end. Think of all those captivating Tasty videos; they all have the intro of the finished recipe within the first few seconds, use it as a hook to make you stay till the end 🙂

2. Use the power of storytelling

Don’t make it about selling, the product, the service, the place, whatever. Instead, tell a story, appeal to your viewer’s desires and needs, talk about their pain points and how to ease them, their problems and how to solve them. You know, just like in the books or movies. The characters (the audience), the problem (pain points) and the solution (you, your product, service, brand). And always, but I mean always, have the purpose of each video in mind.  Why are you filming it, what do you want to be the result out of it, why should people watch it? That will help you stay focused and produce better content for your audience.

3. Sharing is caring

Once you fil your vlog and upload it onto your blog or site, the work doesn’t stop there! Share it all across the Social Media stream – where you and your audience are. But, not as a link to your blog post or plain copy/paste no effort style. Nope. Play around with your video content, make appropriate teasers which you’ll upload directly onto Facebook and Instagram, taking into account the format and other specifics. Optimize it well for each social network you want to share it on. And only then you’ll include a link to the original vlog piece with the strong CTA copy that follows.

4. Always include CTA’s

People love to be encouraged so be sure to include a strong CTA in your videos. Whether it’s to subscribe to your YouTube channel or newsletter, follow you on Social, leave you a comment or ask you a question… whatever you want them to do next, put it in the video. As for where, Wistia discovered that the vast majority of video creators place their CTA’s at the end of the video, at the same time, the mid-roll CTA’s have higher conversion rates. Whatever you choose, think of The Dollar Shave Club as one of the best examples and be sure to make it clear and straightforward, always.

5. Own your vlog content!

I can’t emphasize enough this fact: you need to have your own web space to put video content on. Sure, Social Media is a great and quick way to put yourselves out there, but… Is it your playground to play on? I don’t think so. Every social network has its own set of rules which we all accept not reading it. Among other things, it includes that you permit them to reuse your content for various purposes. Not to mention, you agree that those networks can – if they find it fit – change, remove or delete either your content or the account and not give you the reason why. Do you get where I’m going with this?

This is why it’s crucial to have your blog where you’ll have control over the content and all that you do. It will serve as a base, a house of yours, a place where you bring people from your social network accounts. Yes, use social as a promotional tool, but the home base is your blog, which has a great layout, focused on video type of content, compatible with all the video streaming platforms… all that and more which is included in our Vlog premium WordPress theme! We designed it especially for all you videographers out there, tried and succeeded to include every relevant and useful vlog feature for you to use. So, whether you’re just starting or in the lookout for a fresh new theme for your vlog, try our theme seven days for free and see if it’s the right pick for you! If we were to bet, we’d go on yes 😉

6. Optimize your videos

So many people still neglect this fact – optimizing videos is as important as making them! How do you expect people to find and interact with your vlog, your video stories if you’re nowhere to be found? Knowing that Google loves the video and that it’s only getting bigger and more competitive, you need to step up your video SEO efforts. How to optimize videos?

Take a look at how TED Talks does their videos on site and think of ways to implement it onto your vlogs as well.

A few more quick video marketing tips and tricks to keep in mind

And, in case you’re just wondering whether to pursue this blogging path or not or need a little nudge, here are some more facts to help you start a promising vlogging career.

Advantages of video content you should consider when creating a vlogging strategy:

Other relevant facts about video marketing:

Wrapping up

If you take away only one thing from this article, I hope it’s an understanding of just how important it is to include video marketing into your business or hobby. It’s not that expensive or hard to do, as long as you have a solid plan and end goal. Not to mention you don’t even need some costly equipment. In many cases, you’ll do just fine with a good DSLR and some of video editing apps we talked about.

Hopefully, you liked the article well enough to share it further with your friends and colleagues 🙂 If you have more gold and proven video marketing tips, I’d love to know more about them in the comments below.

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