6 Top Video Marketing Tips For Lawyers

A lawyer can be excellently educated, trained, and experienced to handle legal cases, but managing a law firm can be tough. The market is highly penetrated with new and seasoned lawyers every year, which makes gaining new clients harder now more than ever. That’s why it’s important to find innovative ways on how to market legal services, such as video marketing.

In this post, you’ll learn more about video marketing and some helpful tips to help you improve your SEO, search rankings, traffic, and leads through video marketing.

1. Ensure High-quality Video And Good Script

As much as possible, avoid crappy sounds or inaudible videos. It’s a good idea to invest in professional video-editing and video script. In this way, you display professionalism in your videos and create a more convincing appeal to your target audience.

Hiring a professional photographer and a scriptwriter can make a difference in your lawyer video marketing. They will help you create a video with great audio quality, clear pictures, and an amazing introduction.

2. Take Keyword Research Seriously

Making videos for YouTube, Facebook, and other video or social media platforms is one way to show your legal expertise to your target audience. But ,there are literally millions of videos uploaded online everyday. So, how will you ensure that your potential clients will see yours?

The answer is using the right keywords on your video details, such as the video title and description. Simple techniques in keyword placement video design can make your uploaded videos for your law firm more visible to your intended audience.

Here’s how to perform the right keyword research:

  • Go to the YouTube search.
  • Type in a word or search term that’s connected to your law practice area, such as “car accident lawyer” or “personal injury lawyer Texas”.
  • As you type the keywords, YouTube search engine will be suggesting other related terms, which are the top related results of video searches.
  • Results will be displayed on the screen, and you’ll see the top ones having the best video content ideas that you can also adopt and incorporate in your videos.

3. Be Conversational

One of the most highly recommended lawyer’s digital marketing campaigns includes video marketing. Because people are so busy nowadays, seeing a lawyer is also rare, not until a person is involved in a case. But, with video marketing, watching real lawyers do the talking about legal matters online is interesting.

Creating videos for online marketing purposes should not be stiff tough. You can make it conversational yet still professional. Here are some video marketing tips to make your videos more conversational:

  • Make sure that your script doesn’t contain a lot of jargon. Use easy-to-understand words and use an analogy in explaining legal matters.
  • Give many examples as you can so that watchers can easily grasp what you’re trying to say. You can use examples from the latest news or recent statistical data.
  • Create a question-and-answer video.

4. Entertain Your Audience

People usually go online and watch videos to learn and be entertained. So, you have to make your videos light to generate a “feel-good” feeling. How can you entertain your audience with your videos?  You can use memes, involve your staff, shoot outdoors in a beautiful location, employ detective-like videos, and others.

5. Build A Strong Social Proof

It also helps taking case study or testimonial videos. People who have legal matters can help validate your claims on your website if they see previous or current clients giving testimonials about your legal services. Also, you can engage with your audience by answering their questions through your videos, which helps build trust and authority, too.

6. Get Real

It’s hard to fake feelings and emotions in a video format. That’s why you should stay calm and relaxed when shooting your videos. Be true to yourself, so your audience will feel comfortable and confident about what you’re saying.

Video marketing can be a real challenge for you if you do it alone. Hiring a professional video marketing specialist can help you avoid problems usually encountered when creating law marketing videos.


Video marketing is an effective strategy to promote your legal services to your intended audience. That’s why you have to make sure that you have a high-quality content topic, clear sound, great picture, and optimized videos. Take keyword research seriously and entertain your audience by being creative in your visuals and script.

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