6 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

The Internet is filled with a vast array of opportunities for companies to invest in. Out of all the available options, social media may arguably be the best one.

As a platform for marketing, social media is one of the most cost-effective tools available. It’s easily manageable with a wide variety of features. Best of all, it’s accessible to most (if not all) customers on the Internet.

Almost every business needs a social media for marketing purposes. 

However, not all businesses are capable of handling social media properly. Even for long-time runners in the marketing business, there are common and understandable mistakes to be made.

If you’re going to utilise social media as a marketing tool, you have to to know the ins and outs first. Here are 6 common social media marketing mistakes to avoid.

1. Spamming self-promotions

Everyone understands the purpose of promoting one’s self. We all do it for the gain of certain rewards. But when a brand starts to repetitively promote itself every time, it can get annoying for the viewer.

Many brands are guilty of repetitive self-promotion in social media. The act of self-promotion isn’t exactly a problem, but repeating it in rapid succession is certainly a major issue.

The solution is to schedule self-promotion posts or ads in limited numbers. Then, in between, you should publish the comments and feedbacks of other customers to let your followers know that your business is reliable.

Promote your brands too many times and you might lose a lot of followers in the process. Know when you self-promote and your brand will be fine!

2. No social media team

A brand’s social media account is different compared to a personal account. They vary in many aspects such as monitoring activities, scheduling posts, and account management overall.

The problem is that some brand’s don’t know the difference between a business account and a personal account. Handling a business account requires a team of multiple administrators to take care of different tasks. One or more people should handle graphics and design, while others should focus on customer communication.

Treat your brand’s online account like a branched system with many different functions. Assign your social media page with different specialists to handle every aspect of social media marketing such as customer communication, content management, and graphics/design.

3. Relying on one form of content

The beauty of social media is you’re allowed to utilise different forms of content. You can produce videos, images, charts, and even memes.

However, there are brands that rely on only one form of content. Sure, if it’s effective and garnering attention, why not? But it can get old quick and your brand may not progress eventually.

Instead, utilise different forms of content to reach more audiences. Mix up your content with photos, videos, presentations, and charts to widen the coverage of reach.

4. Not enough CTAs

In any form of marketing, a CTA (call to action) is always essential. It’s the foundation of any ad or promo. If you’re missing out on a few CTAs, then you’re damaging your business in the process.

Before publishing content online, include a link to your website, description of your brand, or contact details. Include a CTA in any form to remind the user that they’re offered with an option of their choice. 

5. Lacking in strategy

For every plan, a strategy is required. Without a proper social media marketing strategy, how will your plans come into play?

You can’t just go with the flow and publish anything you want online in an instant. You need to have a roadmap as a guide to your business decisions.

Research customer behaviour, identify the target audience, then lay out a plan as a guide towards the future. Your business needs to be prepared at all times for any possible changes that might come up ahead.

6. Not addressing the problem

For every audience, there might be two or more customers who aren’t satisfied with your brand. When they provide you with negative feedback, you have to address the problem and admit your brand’s mistakes.

This is a common problem for many social media campaigns. It’s a damaging mistake because it lets the customer feel like they’re neglected or ignored.

Instead, whenever you receive a negative comment, to it and acknowledge the user’s response. You can assure them that your brand will do a better job next time for a more positive response from the user.

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