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Are you looking for social media marketing tools that’ll make your work easier and more effective? Want to improve collaboration between your team and see real results? At the same time, you probably want to achieve these at a low cost. Some tools are simply too costly for your social media budget. 

The good news is that there are cost-effective tools that can help you achieve this. The better news is that I’ll show you 5 of these tools in a moment. Problem solved.

Let’s go through these tools and see exactly how each one can help you get the best results out of your team’s social media marketing efforts: from scheduling to content creation and to social listening. 

1. SocialPilot

Social media management tools are essential to any respectable digital marketing toolkit. One great affordable option is SocialPilot, which supports most major social media networks. You’ll find it easy to add new team members, allocate social accounts to manage, and assign different roles and responsibilities. 

With this tool, your team gets excellent publishing and scheduling features which can save time to publish social media posts manually. Added to that, it boasts of a simple user interface that makes it easy to carry out the necessary tasks.

Beyond scheduling features, you can also use the tool to monitor your mentions on social media, engage with followers and customers, plus you get a few extra features like content curation and RSS feed automation. 

In terms of pricing, the individual plan costs $10 monthly, allows you to connect 5 social media accounts, and have 50 posts in your queue. Other plans include:

●      The agency plan which costs $100 monthly. You can have up to 10 team members, 100 social media profiles, and 10,000 scheduled posts. 

Of course, you get a 14-day free trial to decide if this tool is the right one for your team. And if you decide to pay annually, you get close to a 20% discount compared to paying monthly. 

2. Canva

Statistics show that visual content gets better engagement and shares on Facebook and Twitter. With Canva, you can easily create images for your social media campaigns. It has a huge template library of over 8,000 templates for social media platforms you want to create content for. 

You can use the drag-and-drop tools, layouts, and text fonts to edit a template until you have an image suitable to your needs. You can also upload your images to edit them here. If you want to use a high-quality template, they’re available for $1 each. 

Another catch is that Canva allows you to add teams for your designs. You can add up to 20 teams with each team having up to 3,000 members. With the drop-down, you can select each member’s role (member or administrator). 

Did I mention you can do all these for free?

If you want access to 400,000 free illustrations, photos, and templates, better team collaboration tools, ability to save templates for your team, you’ll have to upgrade to Canva Pro. This costs $12.95 per team member monthly and you can have a free trial. 

3. Awario

By scanning over 13 billion pages daily, Awario helps you to monitor 3 major types of mentions that are vital to any business:

●      Mentions of your industry

To put it simply, the potential benefits of Awario are endless. It just depends on how creatively you can use this social listening tool. 

For instance, by monitoring web and social media mentions, you can get some of these benefits:

●      Improve your products based on those pain points

You can also set up searches and email alerts to know when those terms come up on social media networks. Added to this, you can find influencers in your industry for potential collaboration.

Even more, Awario allows you to add team members to your projects and give them different levels of access.

Awario’s starter plan goes for $29 monthly (or $24 if you pay annually). This gives you 3 alerts and 30,000 new mentions monthly. 

You can also go for the Pro plan at $89 monthly. This allows access to 3 team members, 15 topics to monitor, and 150,000 mentions monthly. The Enterprise plan goes for $299 monthly. With this, you get 10 team members, 50 alerts, and 500,000 new mentions every month.

4. Animoto

Creating effective videos for social media is a challenge. You want it to be short, transmit your message, and look professional. 

Animoto ensures you can achieve this in a short period of time and with a low budget. If you run marketing efforts for a large business or team, you can create many social media videos for your campaigns even with little video skills. 

All you have to do is enter images and the soundtrack you want to use for your video. Animoto will synchronize these files to produce a fine video in a few minutes. 

And if you’re unsatisfied with the results, you can go through the process again until you get the desired results. You can also pick one of the video templates available on the platform. When you have your desired video, you can easily share to various social media channels. 

Fine, Animoto won’t give you a James Cameron movie production video as it’s difficult to edit different parts of your video. But few people need that quality for a social media video. That’s if they even have $200 million to create one. 

For the benefits you get from this tool, you only have to pay $5 monthly if you pay annually. The professional plan goes for $33 per month while the business plan goes for $49.

5. Trello

Many businesses already use Trelloto manage their teams for various projects. If you’re one of them, then you can take this further. 

Trello is a great option for planning your social media activities. Even though this tool was made with other needs in mind, it has features that make it perfect for strategizing and scheduling social media tasks. 

You can make a schedule for every task you want to carry out on a particular social media channel for a week. For tasks like engaging with your followers through chats or responses, you can set reminders to keep you on time.

And you can even go further. You can have your social media content like text, images, and videos here. Or the links to their location online. This way, you can manage everything here. 

For these tasks, you can add your team members to the board.

See this Trello card containing a checklist of activities to carry out on Instagram. You can check them to track your progress. 

Of course, Trello has a free plan. Forever. You can upgrade for more features.

These tools can take your social media marketing activities and results to the next level. That’s if you use them the right way. 

The best news is that even without any budget, you can start using most of them. All the tools above provide free plans. 

Which ones do you use? Which ones are you planning to use? Tweet at me with your comments.

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