5 Reasons Your Business Can’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

Your business may have a presence on one or more social media platforms. You may even post about promotions and interesting articles periodically. But, by and large, there are good chances you are not using your social media presence to your full advantage if it does not play a role in your overall marketing strategy.

In years past we needed to simply focus on marketing efforts that allowed us to reach search engine users before our competitors. While search engine optimization is still valid, it should be just one part of your online marketing strategy. Social media marketing should play a strong role in the way that you are promoting your business.

We’ve got the 5 main reasons that your business cannot ignore or neglect social media marketing.

1. Social media has an enormous reach

There is no other marketing avenue that can help you with reaching the same number of people, or potential clients, as is possible with social media. Depending on whether you’re using paid ads or sponsored posts, or targeting your followers, you can potentially reach up to hundreds of thousands of potential clients within just an hour, if you are using the right tactics.

This type of reach is transformative for your business marketing efforts.

2. It offers unmatched affordability

According to top Australian medical marketing agency Azuri Group, asignificant part of the marketing strides that social media can offer won’t cost you anything at all. Opting to work with the free methods that will allow you to reach your target audience can suit some business models just fine initially. But you’ll learn that having a budget for social media marketing can help you to boost your business visibility and boost your overall brand awareness. Even a modest budget for social media marketing efforts can help you to see positive results in almost no time at all.

Compare this to display or print advertising, where you could be expected to spend thousands more on this type of marketing.

3. Social media allows for very targeted marketing strategies

Whether you’re paying for ads or not, social medial allows you to target a very specific audience with your marketing efforts. If you do opt for paid ads and sponsored posts, you will be able to laser target your preferred audience. This will provide you with an increase on the ROI you see from your paid marketing efforts.

Social media platforms were under increasing pressure from businesses looking for the ability to refine the criteria for who gets to see the ads. Today, it’s possible to target your audience down to gender, age and even area.

Compare this to display or print advertising, where you have no idea who is actually seeing your advertisement.

4. Boosting website traffic, and also brand awareness

While it might not seem to be the case, you can easily see a boost to the traffic on your website and also see an additional boost to your overall brand awareness, without needing to shell out a single cent. These results can be achieved with consistency on your social media accounts.

How does this help your business see results? Your well-designed and informative-packed website is your opportunity to continue to share with your potential clients or patients everything that you are able to offer them.

The more information about your business or your products and services that your potential clients are able to absorb, the better brand awareness will be established.

5. Social media can serve as an effective tool for customer service

A mistake some make is not to consider customer service to have a role in marketing. It does. This is because when you respond well to customers and help to resolve their concerns, it can demonstrate to everyone else reading the responses that yours is a caring company that offers good customer service.

How you treat customers can ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether or not a customer returns. It may also prove to be the deciding factor as to whether or not that customer recommends your business to others.

Social media can be an effective tool for your customer service efforts. It can ultimately boost brand engagement and help to attract new clients. There are a number of brands who take the approach of deleting any potentially negative comments or reviews of social media, because they do not want other potential clients to see them. This is the wrong approach, as it’s essentially accelerating a problem that could otherwise have been resolved with the right customer service approach.

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