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How well is your SaaS company using video marketing?

Video is a great marketing tool, and it’s at its best when you use it in the right context. I’ve got good news for you and your software-as-a-service firm: for software companies, good contexts abound. That’s because software often lends itself to visual representation – just ask your design team. Whether you’re offering an innovative CRM or a secure shared drive, it’s pretty likely that aesthetic design factors into your work on at least some level. Accordingly, video marketing can pay big dividends.

If you’ve already heard all of this, bear with me. Yes, we’ve preached the benefits of video marketing before: it’s compelling, it’s memorable, and its effectiveness is squarely backed by data. And that’s all well and good, in theory.

But let’s move past theory and toward practicality. How should you actually do video marketing for your SaaS company?

I hear you. In this post, let’s get drop-dead practical. Ready?

Here are five specific ways your SaaS firm can put video marketing to get real results that build your user base – and, ultimately, your business.

1. Make a demo video.

Let’s start at a basic level: a product demo video. Here’s a quick example from Monday.com.

This is probably the most popular form of video marketing for SaaS companies – for good reason. Tools – of all kinds – are best explained visually. Imagine trying to explain to somebody how a hammer works without being able to mime the pounding motion. You can get the point across, sure – but it’s so much easier when you can show it. Demo videos capitalize on that concept to make abstract concepts tangible.

Take the video above, for example. What would the explanation be? “It’s a project management tool, and you’ve got these bars called ‘pulses’ that you can add data to like due dates, priority levels, project management details, and more – and then you can check things off as you get work done”.

Yeah, that kind of makes sense. But the concept really clicks when a potential user can actually see the tool in action.

2. Show off case studies and testimonials.

Case studies and testimonials are some of the most straightforward applications of video marketing for SaaS. They’re a chance to show off how your solution has helped real-world clients – and when represented visually, the stories are even more compelling.

Here’s a great example from Bamboo HR.

A few guidelines to making compelling case studies and testimonials:

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