4 Essential Facebook Video Marketing Tips

With Facebook rolling out Facebook Watch, releasing video content on the world’s biggest social media platform has never been more important. Video will always be an effective way to capture people’s attention. At the same time, social media marketing will always be relevant.
Combining video and social media marketing is something that every business should consider. Facebook Watch is Facebook’s newest attempt to capture their users’ hearts and minds. Having a strong video presence on Facebook will work wonders for your brand. Below are four Facebook marketing tips to consider.
Livestreaming is just one of many modern trends that marketers are taking advantage of. Facebook Live allows users to easily livestream to their friends and followers. Don’t underestimate the power of this service for your brand. The moment you go online with Facebook Live, all of your brand’s followers will be notified. Live gives you an easy way to interact with your fans. More importantly, Facebook Live is a great way to do a live promotional event. The interactive nature of Live allows you to receive feedback, praise, and suggestions while you’re doing your promotion. Facebook Live is a great way to form new, intimate connections with your fans.
Facebook Watch is the platform’s move towards making a video-on-demand service. This means that you should now place an emphasis on posting videos on Facebook directly, instead of linking from YouTube or other websites. Facebook native videos receive a higher engagement rate than those that are linked from outside the website. The higher engagement rates are partly because of the fact that native Facebook videos play automatically when appearing on someone’s news feed. This means that videos hosted on Facebook have an easier time catching a user’s passing attention than a video that they need to click in order to play.
People have short attention spans, more so on a platform like Facebook. Remember that you only have 5–10 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. This small window is your one and only chance to convince a viewer that your video is worth watching in its entirety. Create a compelling concept for a video and make sure that you can capture a viewer’s attention in that short time frame.
Just as importantly, make sure that your video is compelling even without sound. Videos will play automatically on Facebook, but by default they are muted. Your video should be able to capture a person’s attention even if the audio was cut out.
Nobody likes being advertised to. The best advertisements aren’t immediately recognized as ads. This fact is especially important for video content. People on Facebook aren’t there because they’re looking for a new product to buy or a new service to subscribe to. Facebook users are there to read up on what’s going on with their friends’ lives. Hard selling on Facebook is not going to work.
Marketing on Facebook is all about telling the best story and engaging with the audience. Emphasize telling a story with your videos on Facebook. Create content with characters that a viewer can empathize with. Introduce your content with an angle that can grab a person’s attention. Offer a resolution to a story. Touch emotions by triggering powerful memories. Don’t just make a video selling your product. Make a video telling a story about how people can benefit from your product.
Facebook will always be one of the biggest platforms to promote your brand. Take advantage of Facebook’s new algorithms to stay ahead of the competition by following these tips.

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