3 Simple YouTube video marketing tips to help you sell more travel and increase your rankings

Does video marketing on YouTube confuse you?

Not sure how to use it to sell more travel?

Good news. Today my guest is Lasse,  a video marketing and social media expert with lots of experience in travel and hospitality. He will share some simple tips that will help you get your clients selling for you 24/7 online.

Tourism Marketing Fact

Why YouTube Social Media Tourism Marketing Rocks!

Have heard state over and over, that “word of mouth” is the best form of advertising right?

Well you social media marketing is really “word-of-mouth advertising, amplified. When you get your clients posting comments, making reviews, especially in video testimonials, then you are utilizing one of the best ways to effectively promote tourism.

I love video marketing. It is one of the easiest and best ways to capture happy clients comments and enthusiasm. And when you have these videos, you have valuable assets you can use over and over again, in all your marketing.

A really cool thing about having your clients in videos you have posted on your website, YouTube or Facebook is your clients will send their friends and family watch.  And when they see how much fun they had… they may want to go too.

2 Simple YouTube Travel Marketing Tips – Watch this Video and Prosper.


Video marketing is simpler then ever. Watch, learn and prosper as Lasse and I share profitable AND easy tips to start or enhance your YouTube video social media marketing.

Be sure to watch my “Million Dollar Marketing Tip” near the end of the video that show you how to combines the best of “Word of Mouth “ advertising with FAQ’s.  Use this simple strategy to radically increase your website prospects AND sales conversions over time. Do not miss this.

To your success, Tourism Tim

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