3 Mistakes You Should Avoid With Social Media Marketing

No introduction can cover the enigma that is social media marketing. Even though it is one of the latest forms of marketing, it has left most of its competitors high and dry. With more startups with new talents floating up every day, social media is the hub for spreading awareness, creating an audience, starting a business or definitely re-targeting an already established audience. The power is endless and the results too. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and mistakes are bound to happen (that ending is just us, no Spider Man). Let us give you a list of three mistakes that one makes while marketing on social media:

  1. Wrong calls to action: If you ask us – we’ll say this is a criminal mistake! You need to decide whether you want to spread brand awareness, or engage prospects better by redirecting them to your website, or sell your products / services. With the availability of sophisticated targeting options on social media, it is very important to be clear on the purpose. The why! Why are you doing social media? What do you want your prospects to do on social media?
  2. Choosing the wrong mediums: There could be this temptation to be on all social media networks available. Very human. Not very practical, though. It takes months to build a follower-ship, it takes money and consistently genuine content. Hence, having a strong hold on any one or two mediums is better than having a weak hold on multiple mediums.
  3. Having a short term vision: Social media marketing is like nurturing a child. It takes time. It takes time before that child grows up to become a wonderful, attractive human being. A lot of our clients become impatient too soon. They ring us up to inquire why their social media is not performing – and mind you – after subscribing to our services for only 2 months. To them, we say – it takes 2 years! Either have that vision and patience, or don’t do it at all!

Vital Tip: Give a personal touch to your social media. Give a tone to your brand. Let it not be mechanical. Crack a joke (only funny ones, please!), build friends for your brands and have fun with it!

Now that you know the three major mistakes, we are sure you will do a great job. Otherwise, contact us and let us help you out!

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