21 Social Media Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter

Don’t miss out on the marketing wisdom these social media specialists are tweeting.
Last month, I shared a list of the interesting and influential digital marketers people should follow on Twitter .
As I explained at the time, I spend at least an hour every day scanning social networks, reading blogs, catching up on industry news, participating in Twitter chats, and otherwise engaging in the communities in which I’m interested. One of those is the massive social media marketing community on Twitter.
Here are 21 social media marketing experts you need to check out-following these people is a free education! Not only that, there are really nice people in this group:

1. Mike Stelzner — Social Media Examiner founder

Mike tweets like a madman, and constantly shares high-quality advice from his podcasts, blogs, and conferences.

2. Mark Schaefer — {grow} blog

Mark literally wrote the book on SMM. No really, he’s the author of Social Media Explained , among other quality marketing books.

3. Amy Porterfield — AmyPorterfield.com

Amy is a social media marketing content-making machine. Between her podcasts, webinar, blog posts, and awesome tweets, there’s no shortage of social knowledge to go around.

4. Jason Falls — Elasticity SVP

Jason is a digital strategist with a special knack for social marketing, which he demonstrates in his writing, speaking, consulting, and big-brand campaigns.

5. Dan Zarrella — HubSpot

Dan is the original Social Media Scientist. Enough said!

6. Pam Dyer — Pamorama

Pam is one of Forbes ’s Top 50 Social Media Influencers and one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers.

7. Eve Mayer — LinkedInQueen

If you want to learn how to master LinkedIn, Eve needs to be on your list. She’s the CEO of Social Media Delivered and authored The Social Media Business Equation .

8. John Paul Aguiar — The Money Dummy Blog

One of Forbes ’s Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013, John generously shares his advice on blogging and social media marketing on his blog and on Twitter.

9. David Meerman Scott — Keynote speaker and author

David always seems a step or two ahead of where everyone else is focused. His tweets are a great resource on the intersection of social, PR, and sales strategy.

10. Brian Carter — Author of The Cowbell Principle

Brian’s been a social media expert just about as long as social media has been a thing. When he tweets, we listen and learn.

11. Pam Moore — Marketing Nut

She’s a nut and proud of it. Why not? Pam’s one of the top social influencers on Twitter.

12. Dave Peck — Head of digital and social at PayPal

Hey, you know how it seems a lot of really generous, outgoing social media personalities are speakers and consultants, with in-house and brand marketers maybe a bit underrepresented? Well, Dave broke that mold. He tweets awesome, helpful content from all over the web on a regular basis.

13. Mari Smith — globetrotting social maven

Mari is probably one of the best-known social media marketing industry leaders on the planet, and still, she’s just so nice to people who engage her on Twitter.

14. Viveka von Rosen-LinkedIn expert

Viveka’s specialty is LinkedIn, and she trains, speaks, blogs, and tweets interesting and helpful content about it.

15. Ann Tran — Luxury travel and SMM influencer

Ann Tran is a wildly popular luxury travel influencer and social media strategist-tune in alongside her more than 450,000 followers to see what she has to say next.

16. Bonnie Sainsbury — online marketing strategist

From her home base in Vancouver, British Columbia, Bonnie is plotting world social domination, and she’s just about there.

17. Scott Monty — social guru

I don’t even really like the word guru and try not to use it unless it’s absolutely warranted. Scott warrants it.

18. Scott Stratten — UnEverything

From UnMarketing, he branched out to UnSelling and even UnPodcasting. And we love it.

19. Marsha Collier — prolific author

At last count, Marsha had authored 48 — count ’em, 48-books — many about online selling and social commerce.

20. Deirdre Breakenridge — Pure Performance Communications

Deirdre is an expert on integrating social media marketing and PR efforts-in fact, she wrote a book about it.

21. Sarah Evans — digital correspondent

Sarah built her own PR brand as a digital correspondent for companies like PayPal and Cisco.
A quick note on the scientific process used to curate this list: There wasn’t one. There’s no magic formula at work-this list consists of the people I find entertaining and useful to read on Twitter. I hope you enjoyed it!
Originally published on Inc.com
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