2021 Video Marketing Tips

2021 Video Marketing Tips

There is no shortage of content when it comes to video. YouTube, IGTV/Reels, and the newest obsession, TikTok, are flooded with billions of viewers every day. Anyone can create, share, and watch from almost anywhere. In 2019, it was estimated that by 2021 the average person will spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. With a global pandemic going on, it wouldn’t be surprising if we’ve already surpassed that guesstimate.

Video is easy to consume and digest, making it a very effective strategy to entertain, inform, or even promote. Video marketers claim that video gives them a positive ROI, so if you haven’t started using any free video platforms yet, it is time to make the most of it this year.

We have designed some tips to get you started with video marketing so you aren’t left out in 2021!

What is Video Marketing?

On the surface, video marketing is a visual strategy to promote or market a brand, product, or service. Businesses should use it because it is a simple way to boost engagement, grow your audience, and make a direct impact on the emotions of a consumer.

Video can hold a variety of purposes. The goal of the video will determine what type of video you create and which social channel you are looking to post the video on.

Types of Video Content

There are the traditional types of video that have flourished online like “About Us” and “How-To” videos; they aren’t going anywhere. As technology changes though, it’s important to have our eyes on what’s up-and-coming. Here are some video marketing staples as well as new strategies coming to us in the future:

About Us

You can think of Welcome/About Us videos as the building blocks of where video marketing started. Videos that started as stiff interviews of company owners are now more inclusive, introducing various team members and their stories to show off culture and what makes the company tick.


Consumers don’t just want to know how your product works, they want to see it too. A tutorial or demonstration video or “demo reel” is a great way to show off your product in a raw, humanistic way. These can be longer videos on YouTube or be broken into shorter segments on IGTV or TikTok! Keep in mind, there’s a reason “how to” is one of the most searched terms on YouTube.

Corporate Training

Online training such as webinars have become extremely popular amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As meetings have shifted from face-to-face to emails and Zoom links, creating training videos that people can consume on their own time is a benefit businesses should be taking advantage of.

Customer Testimonials

You are only as credible as your customers say you are. Featuring real people giving real feedback about your product or service will say more than your own words ever could. Video reviews and testimonials give a potential customer an opportunity to see and hear endorsement which could positively impact their buying decision.

Live Streaming

“Going live” is a great way to connect and interact with your existing customer base. Whether it is to do a Q&A or make a quick update, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have live features.

360º Videos

Unless you have interesting action in all directions, 360º video may not be the best option for you yet. This type of video requires heavy editing skills to truly create the immersive 360º experience. For now, this is a great video strategy for house tours and new buildings and venues.

Benefits of Video Marketing

With such easy access to create video in today’s technological world, many consumers prefer to watch and listen to articles rather than reading them. Especially for those who work from home and can easily listen to content of choice in the background. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. It is no surprise that companies are benefiting from implementing video marketing into their strategy.

Video Boosts SEO

Embedding a video on your site will likely increase SEO. Users will be spending more time on your page because they are watching the video, increasing key metrics like “Time Spent on Page.”

Influences Buying Decisions

Video increases the level of emotional connection and how information resonates with us. Videos are helpful in the decision process because trust is built when customers remember and connect with content.

Increase Conversion Rates

Video users have higher click-through rates and higher web conversion rates. Using a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 86%! Ultimately, effective use of video will generate more traffic, more clicks, and boost conversions.

Build Brand Awareness

Video can help increase brand awareness once you have settled on a brand voice, design, and tone and keep it consistent. Be authentic and transparent through your marketing efforts to create trust. Remember to be a person, not a company. Add a specific tagline at the beginning or end of your videos to stand out from the crowd and help users recognize your business.


Don’t Be Left Behind

Video is a rich medium and should be used to the best of your company’s capabilities to put “oomph” back in your marketing strategy. You don’t need a million dollars or the most advanced technology to get started. Don’t be left out, or behind; even a smartphone can create impactful video content.

If you would like to get started with scaling your video efforts or have any questions, contact a professional at Fuhrman Creative.


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