2016 Holiday Video Marketing Tips

With the Holiday season upon us, it may be tempting to take a break from your video marketing campaigns. DON’T.

For B2C companies, this time of year more people are shopping online than ever. MailChimp just put together THIS handy guide on Holiday Tips to connect you to your customers during the holidays.

In the B2B world, things are quite similar. Many companies are wrapping up the year and trying to spend their annual budgets. Even if you think your product won’t pertain to holiday shoppers, the fact is that they’re out there. The pond is stocked, so go fishing!

Here our are Top Ten Tips for making your video marketing count during the Holiday Season: 

#1 Plan Ahead

As the Holidays roll around, your employees are taking time off, and your own personal life gets hectic, too. Don’t let that hinder your video marketing. Come up with a game plan to keep things running smoothly. Sit down with your team and create a marketing schedule that you can all stick to.

#2 Show Appreciation

Your loyal customers deserve some love during the holiday season, so create specific content for them and offer some deals. It’s a meaningful way to insure they’ll keep coming back time after time.

#3 Mobile Friendly

Mobile marketing is one of the biggest assets you could overlook. Customized social media and user-friendly videos are sure to keep you from losing your on-the-go market, especially during the bustle of the holdiay season.

#4 Holiday Flair

Emailing as a form of marketing is alive and well, but are you unique enough to be opened? Update your subject lines and make them catchy to stand out from all of the other messages in your audience’s inbox. Be sure add a bit of holiday flair!

#5 Get Personal

Bring more life to your brand with personal storytelling! The holidays are centered around tales as old as time being passed down, so why not tell the story of your company through the atmosphere of your employees? Here at ideaMACHINE, we consider ourselves to be hilarious and creative, and so we send out funny videos that our artists do every so often.

#6 Welcome Your New Customers

Have a separate mailing list for people who sign up during the holiday season and make sure your marketing content is for them. This way they’ll feel welcomed and you will know exactly how long they’ve been with you later on down the road.

#7 Say Cheese

This time of year is sentimental to a majority of people, so don’t go straight for the hard sell. Try showing employees and happy customers instead of prices and products in your videos. So go ahead and gather everyone up for the company Christmas photo, just like Wistia suggests in their Holiday Video Tips blog!

#8 Get Festive

Update your brand’s look to make it fit the holidays! We all look for patterns and themes, so tweak your brand to make sure it fits the current atmosphere of holiday cheer. Maybe it’s a holiday theme on your social media logo, or falling snow on your homepage! Just remember that a little cheer goes a long way.

#9 Sync Up

Make sure your holiday videos are landing on all of your marketing channels, from social media to your website. Remember that each platform is a little different, so keep your core message the same while tweaking the actual content to fit the medium.

#10 Action!

And last but not least, always, ALWAYS have a call to action at the end of your content! This gives your audience a visible place to connect. They should never have to hunt for the “contact us” page after digesting everything you’ve presented. Need and example? Here you go: 

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