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Social Media is one of the most powerful tools available to companies today, to market and grow their business.  We share here 20+ Social Media Marketing Strategies and Techniques in this post.  Facebook alone has over 1.59 billion users worldwide.

However, your competitors are also aware of the power of social media. With 83% of businesses having a strong social media presence,it is important to use the best social marketing strategies and techniques in order to stand out.

Take a look at the top social media marketing tips to help you promote your business and achieve your business goals.

Social Media Marketing – Set Goals

Above anything else, it is critical to have clear, formal goals and objectives for your social media strategy. These goals should dictate pretty much everything you do. Ideally, your goals should be a mix of things which benefit you (for example promoting your business) and things which benefit your customer (for example sharing useful and interesting information).

Distribute Content

Social media is a fantastic companion to your content marketing strategy. Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share and promote your content, reach broader audiences and promote your brand. Create shareable content and social media will do your job for you in distributing your content to an almost limitless audience.

Share External Content

It is a good idea to share not only your own content but also useful, interesting content from other sources. Share links to articles and news which relate to your business, your industry or your customers. Great quality content is the best way to get more likes, shares, and comments on your posts which should be one of the key goals of your social media strategy.

Be Interactive

Social media should be a conversation, not a megaphone. Rather than simply sending your posts out into the universe and forgetting about them, engage with your users. Reply to comments, even (especially) the negative ones. Encourage more engagement by posting questions and other types of posts which are interactive.

Be personal

This will depend on your business, but if you are a CEO of a small business, start-up or solo entrepreneur, showing your individual personality through your social media can be a highly effective strategy.  Feel free to let your followers see who you are as a person, and allow them glimpses into your personal life (without invading your privacy or crossing boundaries). This will strengthen your relationship with your audience which is incredibly powerful for business.

Post consistently

There is nothing which will discourage a strong user following more than an inconsistent following. Avoid gaps of too many days or weeks between posts. And posting several posts in one day to “catch up” doesn’t count! Set up a posting schedule and content calendar, and stick to it religiously.

Social Media Marketing – Set Up a Facebook Groups

Create and moderate a Facebook Group on a subject which is relevant to your brand. This is a great way to engage with consumers, and build a strong, loyal customer base while offering something of real value to your audience.

Grow Your Audience

Social media is the perfect place to gather leads and grow your audience. Take note of users who like or comment on your posts and reach out to them, encouraging them to like your page. In turn, encourage those who like your page to sign up for your newsletter or take another similar action, growing your base and supporting your other marketing efforts.

Participate in Other Facebook Groups

Participation in Facebook groups, not just your own, is a great way to build your presence and network on social media. By contributing interesting and useful posts and comments in relevant groups you can build your reputation and connect with potential customers.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are important on many social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Tagging your posts with the right hashtags (and a lot of them) can greatly increase the reach of your posts and grow your following.

Social Media Marketing – Work with Influencers

Work with influencers through reaching out to relevant social media influencers in your niche. After building strong, on-going relationships with them over time they can be very valuable in promoting your business to their large following.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be in driving leads and sales. One of the great strengths of Facebook advertising is the ability to target very specific market segments, based on pretty much any demographic you can think of. This means you can be highly targeted in your advertising and thus get the most bang for your buck (and Facebook ads are already much cheaper compared to other forms of advertising).

Social Media Marketing – Leverage Your Site’s SEO

All elements of your digital marketing strategy are inextricably connected, or at least they should be. Drive traffic to your social media accounts by prominently placing social media links on your website. In turn, drive traffic to your site through excellent SEO strategies. With search engine parameters becoming ever more complicated it can be worthwhile consulting with an SEO agency.

Use Internal Links

Using internal links on your website, that is links to other pages and content within the same domain, is one of the most under-utilized strategies to improve SEO. Check this internal linking guide for more on how to effectively use internal links for SEO.

Use Videos

Videos have been shown to have much higher engagement levelscompared to posts with images alone. If posting videos on Facebook, maximize impact by uploading videos natively on the platform rather than posting a link to YouTube or similar – this means that videos will start playing automatically in your users’ newsfeeds.

Be Unique

Social Media is a medium for standing out from your competitors. Particularly on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it is a great way to showcase your brand’s unique personality.

Build Personal and Business LinkedIn Profiles

Your personal and business profiles on LinkedIn are both important. Even if you are marketing your business, people will pay attention to your personal profile too, so it is important to optimize this also.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Networking on LinkedIn goes so much further than just making connections.  Joining LinkedIn groups is a great way to build your network and make useful contacts.

Write Articles For LinkedIn

Along with being a professional networking platform, LinkedIn also publishes great content. You can pitch articles to be published on LinkedIn, raising your profile and helping to build your professional reputation.

Tweet Often

To have an effective presence on Twitter, you need to tweet in high volumes. Of course, volume alone isn’t enough: you also need to make sure your tweets are relevant and valuable to your audience.

Participate in Forums

Along with Facebook and LinkedIn groups, there are plenty of other online forums which can be an opportunity to build your reputation as a thought leader by contributing useful information. Quora is an excellent platform for this: it will recommend recently asked questions which are relevant to you, giving you the opportunity to provide value in a short amount of time.

social media marketing Author Bio: Tom Buckland is a digital marketing consultant specializing in technical SEO & Amazon Marketing. He’s the founder of HQ SEO Cardiff and loves helping businesses profit through smart digital marketing strategies.

Disclaimer:  This is a guest contribution to Philipscom and the tips tricks, strategies mentioned in it does not reflect the view and opinions of P V Ariel or Philipscom blog.

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