10 F’s of Social Media Marketing

This is a fairly lighthearted post, but it nevertheless outlines many social media marketing essentials.  If your online initiatives are weak in any area, you could be on the wrong track or missing key opportunities.
In the spirit of alliteration, and without further delay, here are the 10 F’s of social media marketing: Fact-finding – Competitive intelligence and market research . Know your objectives and where you stand before you begin your social media marketing, even if the picture ain’t that pretty. Forethought – Planning , market segmentation , positioning, keyword analysis, social media marketing landscape, etc. “ The worst social media marketing advice is just jump in .” Functionality – Web site design, navigability, the area above the fold, website widgets , lead capture, etc. Basic, right? Believe me when I tell you that most web sites are dysfunctional . Findability – Maximize your use of SEO, SEM and social media marketing . Follow-through – Building relationships and converting people into consumers of your content, customers and raving fans. Once you have your plan and your websites are up, this is where most of your social media marketing effort should go. Fundamentals – Content, transparency, community, building trust, etc. Brian Kenny at the Harvard Business School says that we can’t connect via social media unless we understand the sociology of social media, which is different from the sociology of traditional media. Focus – Cast a wide social media net, but when it comes to expending time and effort, live by the 80/20 rule . Followers – Friends. Fans. People who adore your content. You need to love ‘em. Facebook – Half a billion people log into Facebook each month, including me . You should probably be on Facebook too. Friday – Have fun! Today is Friday, after all. Isn’t it? You can obsess about your social media marketing on Monday.
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