What happens when the others find him again? Yeah, millions of mile away from here there is supposed to be a powerful Titan that can help us but we'll have to be the ones to take that journey everyone else is hiding or some could possibly be in on it, it is up to us to find this Titan and get him to stop Destoroyah so peace can be returned Matthew explained. A grumpy Starback, a bull Armorback eager to prove himself and a Lightbringer seeking her belligerent brother must unite against an ancient enemy straight from depths of the Underworld. )Chapter 14 - Rodorah (kaiju - fluff/hurt/comfort)Chapter 15 - Mosugoji (gijinka - humor/slight nsfw)Chapter 16 - Mosugoji (kaiju - fluff)Chapter 17 - Mothdan (gijinka - humor/slight nsfw). Lots of angst but it gets better towards the end ;-; This character has a lot of good potential and Im going to put that to good use, Godzilla and Mothra are not as great as we thought, The Quetzal siblings are good friends of Rodan, The Author may or may not have gotten poetic in their writing, The Author has been and is doing research on the characters and the lore, Titan High Book 1: Journeys ( a Godzilla x Mothra story) High School AU, Parent Godzilla (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Parental Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse), This is Godzillas World Were Just Living In It, | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Ilene Chen/Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Ilene Chen/Godzilla (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Ling Chen/ King Ghidorah (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Rather a recreation of the event in my canon, | Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince. I don't know what it is cause I can't see it Matthew complained. Upon discovering truths and secrets about Rodan, They set out on a journey to search for him and to bring him back home before Apex or Alan Jonah find him first.In the meantime, Rodan returns to Isla De Mara and does everything he can to help the people in rebuilding the island, meeting new friends along the way, and having a place to call home. He is not the coal and ashes that are left behind and he is Everything of what it has been. However, this crustacean was born from death. Izuku midoriya is the holder of the legendary Godzilla himself. It's coming from down there, Matthew mentioned. Three nights you've shared that dingy bar with James Conrad. Uh, adios Matthew responded leaving Godzilla. Categories #nostalgia All these questions are answered here. A depressed child soldier, an immortal automaton, a princess, a dinosaur, and their squabbling allies and enemies must band together against a pair of dark gods whose victory will mean the end of all reality! #self-sacrifice, I was helping to put decoration up for the party so was Rodan, Femuto, behemoth, and Scylla while everyone else was other getting ready or getting food. They must traverse the world around them and fight to stay alive. All three of as arrived my cave on the way there I and Head Ripper grabbed a few trees for the fire I used my atomic breath to light the trees on fire so that we could warm-upBut Head Ripper. However, the fight against Steppenwolf, and Steves desperation have an effect that no one saw coming, awakening the true rulers of the world, the Titans. Titanus Rodan is not Weak. Any unique chapter ratings will be made clear at the beginning of each chapter *wiggly eyebrows*. Humanity's greatest weapons and defenders will be put to the ultimate test, but more than anything, this ordeal will force them to examine their place in the world and its balance. Ni wants to leave, San wants to stay, Ichi is making his choice. The two returned to their room and saw Mothra gone, they immediately checked her room and saw her in bed, they just let out a sigh of relief and headed to bed. Welcome, one and all, to the second in a series of adventures related to the craziest and most deadly arena created! They work together to overcome each adversity the island throws at them. Through it all though, a surprising new addition of living beings this planet has are these numerous smaller creatures that seem to worship the Titans. Will Ghidorah stay, or will he leave, like he has many, many times before. How can Destoroyah be stopped? Godzilla: as King of the monsters I'm ordering you to relax. I also take requests. But one the King and his partner have never seen the likes of before. As we were going home it started raining. 4 Titan's; 4 Gods had experienced all of this millions of years before humanity. More blood shot out, fire was caught on his wings. 48 characters in teams of 4 compete to survive! Takes place before and after the Monsterverse. The giant Monster had the body o the god of the monsters of Union (op Abused (y/n) (l/n) lived on earth, where 99%of the population had powers like quirks, semblances, sacred g (This isn't just gonna be another lame Mothra x Godzilla fanfic this will be amazing trust me) When [REWRITING] The Blue Dragon Emperor (Author Dragons never involved themselves in the war between angels, devils, fallen angels, and demons. Suddenly Matthew heard a weapon ready to fire when he looked in the mirror he saw Battra with his horn out and his eyes glowing as something was firing out of em. Of Course, let us get to class we'll be the first ones there Ghidorah bragged. A story of the surviving team after the end of Kong: Skull Island, leading up to and after the post-credits scene where Conrad and Weaver have a choice to make: do they put this all behind them, or join Monarch? tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (5), MonsterVerse (Legendary Pictures Movies) (13), King Ghidorah (Legendary | MonsterVerse) (4), Godzilla/Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse) (14), King Ghidorah/Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse) (4), Godzilla & Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse) (3), King Ghidorah/Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse) (2), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (3), Monarch Organization (Legendary | MonsterVerse) (3), Protective Godzilla (Legendary | MonsterVerse) (2), Godzilla/Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, King Ghidorah/Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse), King Ghidorah/Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Harry Potter/Original Female Character(s), Godzilla & Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Protective Godzilla (Legendary | MonsterVerse), A found family can be a heavily abused and experiemented on child and two married kaiju, Gojira | Godzilla/King Ghidorah (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Godzilla/Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Godzilla/King Ghidorah/Mothra/Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Monarch Organization (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019) - Freeform, Post-Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019), Arthur Curry (DCU)/Original Female Character(s), Sharon Carter (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s), Parent Godzilla (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Parental Mothra (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Godzilla & Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Really? After decades of furiously innovating, fighting off the kaiju by the skin of their teeth, humanity breathed a sigh of relief as attacks dropped off drastically beginning in 1995. #death But they did not fight the Kaiju who were the reason for their birth. Godzilla, grand daughter of the late, great, king of monsters Gojira, is lonely. Godzilla x Mothra: Godzilla x MUTO: MUTO Sex: Godzilla vs Ghidorah: Godzilla: Zilla Copie: You Can Do Better: Rodan and Godzilla: Under Godzilla: Firondraak and King_Ghidorah: . No matter the time or even the species, there has and always will be death. Synopsis 22 years after Avengers Memegame, Godzilla and Kong have heard news of Apex sucking the Mana Energy. It's coming from down there, Matthew mentioned. #mothra After a battle in Tokyo against The False King Of Monsters King Ghidorah, Godzilla could do nothing more than watch as Mothra dies. In honor of Godzilla Day 2021, a love poem about Keanu Reeves in "Always Be My Maybe" wherein I compare him to the mighty lizard that beset Tokyo. #battling Work Search: and restore ea. Really Matthew muttered. #kingkong She's surprised to see how many are waiting for her outside her cocoon, and said crowd is surprised by how she reacts to them. Godzilla didn't kill Ghidorah and Mothra never sacrificed herself. #head-ripper Now with only a weakened King by her side. Work Search: The Students discover something lying beneath their school. Succession was a hard subject even in the human world, entire wars having been fought for a throne. lives amongst the kaiju girls after they successfully put an end to queen ghidorahs reign of terror. He wasn't in his world anymore, not the one that belonged to him. After one last-ditch attempt with a Blackhole the planet was destroyed, and everyone except Godzilla, who somehow escaped and found himself in the world of Kaiju girlscan this new ruler come out as the king of the monsters in this realm? Godzilla's spines flased a deep red and his eyes jerked open angrily. Until he meets someone special to cure his wounds. Twenty four year old Lt. Conrad must go home to be at his mother's side as she dies. Mothra has to pick Goji from his boyfriendss house,but gets dragged having to do all kinds of tomfoolery. He is not embers because he is Flames and Fire. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). 9. 35 parts. What Battra lashed out angrily. My Perfect Isekai Fantasy World was Ruined by Godzilla! Godzilla's faced trial after trial, fought countless battles with other godlike Daikaiju, and even the forces of Hell could not prevail over him. How will they respond to exposure to a foreign aphrodisiac plant? What will happen between you and your old friend James? Suggestions for events are greatly appreciated in the comments and, for those reading this, please give feedback to the sluthound that made this possible! Uncertain they could even remain alive; even continue to see those they love. The Escapeless Journey The Legendary Hero (An Earth Defen.by Godzilla's Grandfather 2.2K413 A high-ranking fencer from the EDF(Earth Defense Force) franchise in a Walking Fortress Balam(Pacific Rim-like giant-ass mech and pretend it's near Godzilla sized) was a. earthdefenseforce kiryu pacificrim +7 more #5 Tremorton's Titanium Titan.by ReptileEdge 2.1K344 Tremorton. lives amongst the kaiju girls after they successfully put an end to queen ghidorahs reign of terror. Matthew stopped, seeing him frozen and then grabbed Godzilla's hand and ran leading Godzilla away from Destoroyah. Complete. In a world ruined by countless years of battle, the king of the monsters uses the last of his strength to defeat his greatest enemy. Please consider turning it on! Godzilla: A ruler emerges in Kaiju girls! Was just standing at the entrance of my cave. 5. #muto And there is also an issue with Tony. the guardianship's futile attempt to recruit king kong, the ruler of skull island, has left godzilla, mothra, ghidorah, rodan, and biollante in a state of silence. Madison's parents get divorced and Madison goes with her mother. Meanwhile Dean Battra was all by himself fighting the babies in his office. Gallery Miscellaneous Godzilla x Mothra fanarts, made by other users Godzilla and Mothra, flirting in Chibi style, by KingMidas7. What's the matter silk got your muzzle Mothra teased. Mothra wondered. He was very, very mad. Their bond stronger than most human bonds that came long after. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator. It could pierce Godzilla's skin unlike their missiles or torpedoes. A tiny crab. FanFiction | unleash . Hola, para los. A project was born and the Jeager where born. Godzilla felt something wrong and looked down where he saw Matthew behind the support beam taking a peek and panicked, he did a facepalm, pushed Mothra aside, and ran down the steps to Matthew. Please consider turning it on! Eldritch Abomination: Bagan, Red, and Clover all count Uh guys something is coming up the hole Mothra warned. This is a part of the Godzilla Warriors series on Wattpad, in which all Kaiju are humanized/gijinka. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, 1. What do you think made that? They knew better to advice the kaiju or order for once they did the they share the whatever fate the kaiju. On it Godzilla replied as he headed to Mothra's room to save her. Godzilla just moved and is going to Kaiju high. Will she be able to become the next Symbol of Peace. 4K. Its been a year since Tony defeated Orm and became King of Atlantis, when an alien named Steppenwolf invades Earth, forcing Bruce Wayne to create the Justice League to defeat him. With a few other Gojiran kids by his side, now they all have to look out for each other. Because, now, the titans that had been dormant were now active. Complete (This isn't just gonna be another lame Mothra x Godzilla fanfic this will be amazing trust me) When. Or is her fate even greater than what it started as? #happyending While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Mothra again laid down on me but this time she fell asleep, Godzilla: out of curiosity, do you sleep Head Ripper. But as they got older they start ge. Matthew has issues trying to make friends, since this is a school for Titans and he himself is not but he will find his friend is the same Lizard Titan sharing a room with him. They have to life everyday likes it is their last. Uma organizao/empresa guarda seres monstruosos ancestrais para controla-los, era impossvel esses monstros sarem de suas "tumbas" e ir se arrastando, nadando, voando ou simplesmente andando at a cidade mais prxima, se isso ocorresse seria um caos. #rodan Whatever it is, it is extremely bright Mothra whispered. Into The Unknown *Please note this is not a serious representation of giant monsters. Godzilla x MUTO WIP 2: King of Monsters: Godzilla vs King_Ghidorah: Godzilla: Godzilla and Biollante: Zill and Sugarbeast Having Sex: Well read the tags I guess. Okay, remember No Cuddling Godzilla commanded. As we were talking Head Ripper cameTo us Head Ripper: hey do you two want anything to eat? But in truth, they are far more than simple, animalistic monsters; they are intelligent, thinking creatures with their own lives, loves, and struggles. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. When Harry Potter unlocks his creature inheritance the whole Wizarding World better kneel. Will she survive even with her newly found quirk and escape? This world belonged to the Kaiju Girls and he had no idea what was in store for him hail to the King of the Monsters! This work could have adult content. aura, ghidorah, io. 3: February 2021, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types, | Mahou Tsukai no Yome | The Ancient Magus Bride, Pacific Rim cast will show up but it's unsure if they be camo or actually in the story, Use of Avatars for Communication Purposes, Gamera's healing factor has a very serious drawback, King Ghidorah/Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Godzilla & Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse), King Ghidorah & Rodan (Legendary | MonsterVerse), Godzilla (Legendary | MonsterVerse) & Madison Russell, Titan Characters (Legendary | MonsterVerse), aka skips between present day and before humans existed, There is a lot of focus on the monsters in this, King Ghidorah Lives (Legendary | MonsterVerse), The Big Four Team Up Against the PERFECT life form ;), "Yes, I Really Am This Pathetic!" Plus more kaijus villains, like titanosaurus,mutos, battra, orga and megaguirus . Something huge about 7-10 feet tall,Mothra answered. And with his disappearance came great consequences for both Monarch and the other Kaijus. Please consider turning it on! but when fellow titans begin to drop dead by unknown circumstances, the silence is finally broken.and it is not the gods we should be fearing, but rather humans themselves. Instead they fought the kaiju that were more like animals. Ready as I'll ever Be Mothra and Godzilla replied. My female character is based loosely on Brie Larson's character. Colleagues to Friends It was miraculous that anyone had survived the Skull Island mission. As these ancient superspecies-thought to be mere myths-rise again it will be all up to Izuku Midoriya whose destiny is greater than she knows..that she and her friends hold humanity's and the Titans' co-exitance in the very balance. And would bring it soon. I know, I know, you won't let me forget Matthew reminded. I can make a fire to warm you up. So desperate for pilots that they brought in some who never wished to be there. Back you freaky things Dean Battra demanded. Human against Human. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. This work could have adult content. The other Chapters are free of graphic violence). Battra looked from the corner of his eye where he saw Matthew running towards the door, he instantly turned around and began shooting at him. Godzilla x Mothra Edit - This article is already being rebooted and made anew, in progress. Mothra, her girlfriend, is backpacking through Europe and has left Godzilla to her own devices. Meanwhile the others met up in Godzilla and Matthew's room to discuss what they should do next. About 185 million years since the events of "The Old Times" things have changed. James Conrad and Ameena Joanes are stranded on an uncharted island. I don't know, they look like crystals and according to my scanner that my parents told me to keep with me for emergencies, it appears it's radioactive, according to the color it's uranium crystals, but the only way to tell for sure is to shine a black light or what we call an ultraviolet light on it, if it's uranium it will glow green Matthew explained. After finding the Hollow Earth, humans full-heartedly believed that they had a new advantage over the titans. No, but okay look if my plan doesn't work we can do it your way, I'll say sorry and I'll kill myself, happy, Godzilla suggested. Godzilla: you are banned from earth, don't you remember. Angurius and Rodan are the only one who know but when King Ghidorah, Space Godzilla, Hedorah, Destoroyah, and Gigan come to Earth and start causing trouble, it won't just take all the Kaiju and their human allies to stop them, Godzilla and Mothra must also publicly declare their love in order to save themselves and Earth. Work Search: It was miraculous that anyone had survived the Skull Island mission. Tom isn't too thrilled about this and Lynn is in for quite a ride. He is not a servant to any King merely bows only for the sake of playing along, merely follows because he can. To humans, they are akin to gods. There's also the two woman that always follow him and protect him. Godzilla x Mothra: her king (concluded) 35 parts Complete . Until one day mankind found a way to wipe them out, including the legendary king himself Godzilla. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Godzilla makes one last effort to try to get through to him. Hey, Mr. Ghidorah, it is time to get up, Rodan whispered shaking Ghidorah slightly. Nadie poda comprender esta unin tan antigua como ellos, nadie sabra el honor que era ver sus ojos plasmados en las alas de una Polilla de la Realeza. #godzilla Because of the oxygen destroyer, his home was devoid of life. But it is all for naught in the end, as the monster destroys everything, including Godzilla, in one final hail mary maneuver, destroying itself and everything else. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). These once majestic beast sacrificed themselves to save who they care. Matthew rolled his eyes and strayed away towards the luminous light while the other two fought each other. Not knowing how to go through grief in such . ("Theme music" playlist: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLggZnIWW6DAKWecklJcNm5mX_uuIWsaNq ). Godzilla explains Rodan what is happening in life. The three ran all the way up the stairs and out of the basement to safety but when Destoroyah tried to go through it couldn't. This is a what if in a way, what if the Monsterverse existed in the same world as the MCU? I started this last summer and fell in love with Tom Hiddlestone in King Kong Skull Island. The brightness of Life. Mothra, her girlfriend, is backpacking through Europe and has left Godzilla to her own devices. Godzilla, one of the Titans whose DNA was used to make him, wakes up to ensure both problems are solved.With a fight.Because apparently that's how Titans solve all their problems.Thing is, tho, Gamera really doesn't want to fight. #ghidorah A man always bends to a womans will, this seems to expand to more than the human species apparently! Sam mentioned and Colonel Diane just made a sound deep on her throat, silencing the man.-A Mothzilla story told through small one-shots by Monarch's (well, mostly Madisom's) point of view. This is the story of a teenager named Y/N gets reincarnated as a kaiju after truck-kun runs him over. Head Ripper: don't worries about me I have a built-in heater plus I'm keeping an eye out in case Ghodora comes back. Long before humans even existed, Godzilla was born and lived a happy life until disaster struck and Godzilla is left all alone in the world. The Fight in The Room. Godzilla: soooo. The two laid on their opposite sides and went to sleep. Please Note: This is not the 1998 version or the Legendary version or any version this is a one of a kind version. It was a new place to study, and everyone saw the power Kong's axe held. "Say my name louder!" "Mothra!" Godzilla called out. For the world is changing, but the cycle shifts differently this time. 10 guests Spurred by the greatest sin humanity had committed against the King of the Monsters, the earth unleashes this fated battle. With no egg to continue the cycle, she is reborn in a new world to start life from the vary beginning for the first time in 237 million years. Things are at play, that even the Goddess can't predict. When he arr Godzilla and Mothra have known each other since they were kids. Divided Well, well, A strangely familiar female voice said from nearbyLooks like Me and mySeora were not the only gente to discover it a male voice stated. Godzilla snuck up to the support beam where Matthew was and flicked him on the head. (My face going bright red), Mothra smiled and cuddled up against me while she went a little red but I didn't notice, After a few minutes of resting by the fire, something landed at the party creating a huge cloud of smoke when the smoke cleared a giant kaiju with wing 2 tails and 3 heads I.it was king Ghidora.Everyone stepped back in fear. Legion roared furiously toward the crumbling battleground called Osaka, knowing full well that more enemies were hiding out. Tired of being lonely, sexually frustrated, and just all around in a sour mood, she invites her ex, King Ghidora to stay with her. Ghodora: come on surely if it's a party we can make an exception. Matthew slightly teased. What if the grimoire knew to take Octavia to where she could see the Tears of Azathoth? Little does he know, though, that the entire trajectory of his existence will change forever. Dean Battra questioned. A new enemy has arrived, and the wicked space-dragon will do anything to defeat the King Of The Monsters! Brought together again, Mothra and Godzilla try to make sense of what comes next, and what the future holds in store for them. How do you know Battra interrogated.Because I discovered it last night when I went to the basement now follow me Matthew directed. Many of his kind already had it rough and had died in the midst of fighting the demons called MUTOs. Oh, for the love of, I can't understand you with that thing on Matthew complained as he started pulling on the silk to get it off Godzilla's muzzle. From fleeting peace to inevitable chaos, a battle will be waged. After the battle with Godzilla a few days ago, Ghidorah contemplates their power over earth. Godzilla: A ruler emerges in Kaiju girls! Please consider turning it on! #sadness Godzilla decides to look upon the disappearance of Miki Saegusa and Meru Ozawa, and once he finds out about their whereabouts, things take a turn for the nasty, as the King of Monsters takes matters into his hand to take down a new enemy. What would happen is Legosi, Juno and several others where cought in a Nuclear blast and survived? Now she has to survive being a captive by said dragon who got it in his head that she is perfect for being his daughter and for his "mate" to finally see reason that he is perfect to be his mate. What happens next? The one with a hardened heart yet soft soul. Will she manage to earn his respect or will she simply break his nose if he calls her dearie one more time?The Big suprise awaits you in Chapter 30 :D Please leave comments :P (set during the filming of kong skull island; But timeline may not be absolutely accurate; Warnings are for Chapters to come. On 1964. Now in the harsh wastelands of what remains a survivor comes across a young girl who just might hold the key to humanity's survival. the 4th book for more Yandere related stories. Godzilla is not yet the King, but as new events unfold and new creatures come to Earth, Godzilla might not have the luxury of waiting around any longer. #love Godzilla a 6-ft lizard and Matthew a human are both invited to Titan High, where they will meet other Titans. But after a horrifying and disastrous event separates him from his would-be family, he embarks on a desperate attempt to reunite with them. They will have to fuck hard. Read Ghidorah (cap 2) from the story Amor De Otro Mundo (Godzilla x Moonhidora) by Daniel736 (Per ) with 225 reads. The multiverse is in chaos. Destoroyah climbed up the hole and jumped up landing on the ground. On the third, you gather up the courage to ask him for what you want. Godzilla x Mothra FanFiction Godzilla and Mothra had delivered the finishing blow, knocking Ghidorah out clean. Whoa, whoa, sorry and doing it my way is good enough, you don't have to kill yourself, besides I like you alive, let's go back Matthew responded.