43691b48a02fe9afd936a54d217fa17746b63c638fbb9b2585a5640d8b343af7ce997bafce1d4997afdc8fa87384134e58dc708b970aae83e3211b9178d2706f {\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698715\'02\'02. }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff In other words, you can expect to receive your post-service DVA benefits much faster, typically within 30 days of separation. -You are retired under Temporary Early Retirement Act (TERA) and have a VA disability rating of 50 percent or greater. If you request a separation/retirement date of less than 30 days, your request must be routed through your MPF for their endorsement. ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;}\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;}\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \hres0\chhres0 \fi-180\li4320\lin4320 }{\listlevel\levelnfc0\levelnfcn0\leveljc0 ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;} 27-1 at 35. For Air Reserve Component members, years of service is computed as retirement points divided by 360. i) Tax Exemption. Regardless of the MEB recommendation, you have the right to elect an impartial medical review (IMR) by a physician or other health care professional not directly involved in your MEB. \lsdsemihidden1 \lsdunhideused1 \lsdqformat1 \lsdlocked0 heading 7;\lsdsemihidden1 \lsdunhideused1 \lsdqformat1 \lsdlocked0 heading 8;\lsdsemihidden1 \lsdunhideused1 \lsdqformat1 \lsdlocked0 heading 9; The physician then refers them to theMedical Evaluation Board(MEB). {\fbiminor\f31581\fbidi \froman\fcharset161\fprq2 Times New Roman Greek;}{\fbiminor\f31582\fbidi \froman\fcharset162\fprq2 Times New Roman Tur;}{\fbiminor\f31583\fbidi \froman\fcharset177\fprq2 Times New Roman (Hebrew);} Additional information concerning VA benefits is available in a pamphlet called "Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents" which can be obtained through your local VA office, or can be viewed at the VA website http://www.va.gov. \lsdpriority52 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 7 Colorful Accent 1;\lsdpriority46 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 1 Light Accent 2;\lsdpriority47 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 2 Accent 2;\lsdpriority48 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 3 Accent 2; /Length3 533 \par \rsid1997010\rsid1998829\rsid2050128\rsid2176538\rsid2235672\rsid2252735\rsid2301771\rsid2302183\rsid2371540\rsid2374683\rsid2382837\rsid2389155\rsid2499031\rsid2501042\rsid2521497\rsid2555949\rsid2621741\rsid2712760\rsid2759779\rsid2764151\rsid2831075 \par }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \fs24\insrsid13970095 If the condition makes you unable to perform your military duties, then it could make you Unfit for Duty. \par }}{\*\ftnsepc \ltrpar \pard\plain \ltrpar\ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\wrapdefault\aspalpha\aspnum\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0\pararsid13781882 \rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs20\alang1025 \ltrch\fcs0 \b\fs20\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 { VA determination of service connection for disabilities may be established from the day following the date of discharge from the Air Force. \lsdpriority49 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 4 Accent 6;\lsdpriority50 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 5 Dark Accent 6;\lsdpriority51 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 6 Colorful Accent 6;\lsdpriority52 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 7 Colorful Accent 6; ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;}\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \hres0\chhres0 \fi-180\li6822\lin6822 }{\listname ;}\listid1298486114} You will receive all entitlements afforded to any member retired from the Armed Forces, including entitlement to a military retired identification (ID) card, medical care, Base Exchange (BX) and commissary privileges, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) election, etc. 20e059fc2c5df70c0d41a3b69acca026196fcab0d4ecc5a8d93b960b3c85da599a84a6fa95a5dbb5b8653dc23a1d0c9eabf383dd7ad5c2d078b9af549156df3d c7060abb0884a4eff7a93dfeae8bf9e194e720169aaa06c3e2433fcb68e1763dbf7f82c985a4a725085b787086a37bdbb55fbc50d1a33ccd311ba548b6309512 The lawyers are independent from the FPEB and are there to serve as an advocate for you. }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\i\fs24\insrsid15948658\charrsid7434120 }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\i\fs24\insrsid668842\charrsid7434120 aCi jAuwZ"),)-(#S&"5nV5T&AJr!4cMiJLyde\F(4W3^BKi2nom/ !A{}Px:~"WkHJoKXQAz>Fi%M?/t. 3) FPEB Hearing Procedures. }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 et the pertinent standards of equity and propriety. \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\fs24\insrsid3947076\charrsid7434120 the }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\fs24\insrsid2501042\charrsid7434120 Under Secretary of Defense provided}{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \ltrch\fcs0 \hres0\chhres0 \fi-360\li5040\lin5040 }{\listlevel\levelnfc4\levelnfcn4\leveljc0\leveljcn0\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698713\'02\'07. EMPLOYMENT '16-'19: Indiana University; EMPLOYMENT '14-'15: University of California. \[c1s_o~wm T"c+n jj?B$YRK!^_kyORxG@!X~w`[_el\b|:-_n:L`Z->dH=. FROM: HQ USAF/SG 1780 Air Force Pentagon Washington, DC 20330-1780 . \leveljcn0\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698703\'02\'03. ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;}\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \hres0\chhres0 \fi-180\li2502\lin2502 }{\listlevel\levelnfc0\levelnfcn0\leveljc0 You must submit documentation in support of a reconsideration request and a cover letter explaining what you wish the VA to reconsider. Unless otherwise stated, all days are calendar days. appropriate mental health treatments and evaluations during her time in}{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\fs24\insrsid7499075 }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\fs24\insrsid7499075\charrsid7499075 Additionally, your VA compensation may be offset by the amount of severance pay you received. \lsdpriority46 \lsdlocked0 List Table 1 Light Accent 2;\lsdpriority47 \lsdlocked0 List Table 2 Accent 2;\lsdpriority48 \lsdlocked0 List Table 3 Accent 2;\lsdpriority49 \lsdlocked0 List Table 4 Accent 2; service that other similarly situated Airmen received. This will allow you time to confer with legal counsel to prepare your case. \ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\wrapdefault\aspalpha\aspnum\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 \rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs20\alang1025 \ltrch\fcs0 \b\fs20\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 \snext0 \sqformat \spriority0 Normal;}{ All medically unacceptable conditions are then forwarded to thePhysical Evaluation Board(PEB). 2 0 obj \lsdpriority47 \lsdlocked0 List Table 2 Accent 3;\lsdpriority48 \lsdlocked0 List Table 3 Accent 3;\lsdpriority49 \lsdlocked0 List Table 4 Accent 3;\lsdpriority50 \lsdlocked0 List Table 5 Dark Accent 3; \lsdsemihidden1 \lsdunhideused1 \lsdlocked0 Table Elegant;\lsdsemihidden1 \lsdunhideused1 \lsdlocked0 Table Professional;\lsdsemihidden1 \lsdunhideused1 \lsdlocked0 Table Subtle 1;\lsdsemihidden1 \lsdunhideused1 \lsdlocked0 Table Subtle 2; \lsdpriority45 \lsdlocked0 Plain Table 5;\lsdpriority40 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table Light;\lsdpriority46 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 1 Light;\lsdpriority47 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 2;\lsdpriority48 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 3;\lsdpriority49 \lsdlocked0 Grid Table 4; c) CONCURRENT RETIREMENT AND DISABILITY PAY (CRDP, CONCURRENT RECEIPT. \levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698715\'02\'08. \rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \insrsid3479123 \par }{\rtlch\fcs1 \ab\af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\fs24\insrsid1401597\charrsid7434120 Air Force Review Boards Agency For this reason, it is not unusual for the military and VA total disability ratings to differ. She formally separated from the military as of March 14, 2011 . PEB and Disability Evaluation System Overview, 53422961-4A59-4E4C-8027-97BD945C51A9.jpeg. iii) If selected (officer) for promotion or your line number (enlisted) is prior to the date of the SAF memorandum approving your discharge, you may be discharged in the regular or Reserve grade to which you had been selected and would have been promoted had it not been for the physical disability for which you are being separated. {\listlevel\levelnfc4\levelnfcn4\leveljc0\leveljcn0\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698713\'02\'04. \par }\pard \ltrpar\ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\intbl\wrapdefault\aspalpha\aspnum\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\pararsid4478939 {\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \insrsid7103158\charrsid7434120 \cell }\pard\plain \ltrpar ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;}\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 The MEB phase includes the following sub-stages: Referral by your physician, Claim Development with the MSC, Veterans Administration Compensation & Pension (VA C&P)/Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) disability examination, impartial review, Medical Evaluation Board and determination of the MEB (to include MEB rebuttals). 15510; negligently failed to perform assigned tasks in a timely manner; }{ DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES AIR FORCE WASHINGTON DC AFI48-123_AFGM2016-01 19 September 2016 . You may disagree with the findings and recommended disposition of the IPEB other than disability ratings determined by the VA and request a formal hearing of your case. Elect to not have an IMR nor submit a rebuttal letter to the MEB and allow the case to be forwarded to the IPEB. \levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698713\'02\'04. In accordance with Title 26 U.S.C. Example: Airman Snuffy has a heart attack. Depending on the service member's MOS, they may be able to still fulfill their duties despite their conditions. \hres0\chhres0 \fi-360\li1602\lin1602 }{\listlevel\levelnfc2\levelnfcn2\leveljc2\leveljcn2\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698715\'02\'02. Your appointed attorney will advise you based on the documentation in your case file. \rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \hres0\chhres0 \fi-360\li3600\lin3600 }{\listlevel\levelnfc2\levelnfcn2\leveljc2\leveljcn2\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698715\'02\'05. \rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \insrsid671273\charrsid7434120 Examiner's Brief (Applicant Only)}{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \insrsid2374683\charrsid7434120 {\fdbminor\f31565\fbidi \froman\fcharset186\fprq2 Times New Roman Baltic;}{\fdbminor\f31566\fbidi \froman\fcharset163\fprq2 Times New Roman (Vietnamese);}{\fhiminor\f31568\fbidi \fswiss\fcharset238\fprq2 Calibri CE;} Open it with cloud-based editor and begin altering. and she did not get a true mental health screening. ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;}\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \hres0\chhres0 \fi-360\li1782\lin1782 }{\listlevel\levelnfc2\levelnfcn2\leveljc2 In addition to the options above, the member can always submit a statement letter expressing his/her desire to remain in the service, be separated, or retired; explain how he/she feels about the Air Force; why they elected to join the Air Force, etc. {\fbiminor\f31507\fbidi \froman\fcharset0\fprq2{\*\panose 02020603050405020304}Times New Roman;}{\f41\fbidi \froman\fcharset238\fprq2 Times New Roman CE;}{\f42\fbidi \froman\fcharset204\fprq2 Times New Roman Cyr;} 27-1 at 200. The VA will only reconsider those conditions deemed unfitting by the PEB (Category I). \leveljcn0\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698703\'02\'03. Whether you are retired or discharged for disability, you may be eligible for VA benefits, such as life insurance, medical care, prescription medication, hospitalization, educational benefits, survivor's benefits, etc. \par }\pard \ltrpar\ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\intbl\wrapdefault\hyphpar0\faauto\rin0\lin0\pararsid4082739 {\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b0\fs24\insrsid4082739\charrsid7434120 The attached examiner\rquote \par }}{\headerr \ltrpar \pard\plain \ltrpar\s25\ql \li0\ri0\widctlpar\tqc\tx4680\tqr\tx9360\wrapdefault\aspalpha\aspnum\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin0\itap0 \rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs20\alang1025 \ltrch\fcs0 \b\fs20\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 { 080713d960f5a01add34eb1a2987ad5df7742319394d34573dd35015d935ed2a66ccb06c036bb13c5f93d7582d430c9aa677f854bad725b7bed4bab57d42d625 If your PCM wrote the narrative summary, the PCM cannot be the impartial reviewer. \levelindent0{\leveltext\leveltemplateid67698715\'02\'05. ii) Tax Exemption. Have accepted an unfit finding by a Physical Evaluation Board and applied for LAS. {\flomajor\f31509\fbidi \froman\fcharset204\fprq2 Times New Roman Cyr;}{\flomajor\f31511\fbidi \froman\fcharset161\fprq2 Times New Roman Greek;}{\flomajor\f31512\fbidi \froman\fcharset162\fprq2 Times New Roman Tur;} a) RETIRED PAY COMPUTATION. \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \insrsid14426264\charrsid7434120 }{\rtlch\fcs1 \af0\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 1) FPEB Counsel. ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;} Did that condition exist/experience}{\rtlch\fcs1 ;}{\levelnumbers\'01;}\rtlch\fcs1 \af0 \ltrch\fcs0 \hres0\chhres0 \fi-360\li1440\lin1440 }{\listlevel\levelnfc2\levelnfcn2\leveljc2\leveljcn2\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\lvltentative\levelspace0\levelindent0 Once a date has been established, the USAF Physical Disability Division may only approve changes to the retirement or separation date in cases where you can show an unusual personal hardship.
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