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Web Design for SEO

Web design isn’t just for looks! Ensuring that your property management website is informative, responsive, AND beautiful is just some of what a good property management website needs to be. From the bones up, your site should be focused on a great experience for the end-user. 

You’ll also want to pay attention to:

A property management website that is both user friendly and fast will help not only your SEO but your leads as well.

Not sure how the end-user feels about your site? Ask them! Using heatmapping or on-page surveys will help you get user input that could identify things that are easy to miss on the other side.

Using Your Property Management Content for SEO

While not weighted as highly as user experience, your content is a key player in your property management SEO strategy. Content answers the questions that rental property owners are searching on the net, making your site relevant and helpful. Content also has a ton of contextual clues that help search engines know what your site is about.

Your main page content, landing page content, and blogs all play a role in SEO. Even the content that is not hosted on your site plays a part: links to your site and their text are a huge SEO booster. How do you get SEO content right?

In the end, content should be helpful: if an owner isn’t going to learn something new about your business or being an investor, rethink the content.

You can learn more about how to build your property management website for SEO by checking out these articles!

Avoiding Common SEO Mistakes

When working on your SEO, it is smart to pay attention to what hurts SEO as well as what helps it. If you don’t look for the things that will hurt, you could be spinning your wheels for a long time. What hurts SEO?

Check out this post for more information!

Putting It All Together

At the end of the day, if you focus on good property management website design (and content that is helpful and informative), you’re on the right track!

You don’t always have to be an ‘SEO expert‘ to do a good job. When you host your website on a content management system (CMS) like HubSpot, there are tools that help you learn SEO as you go—so you can ensure that every new page you add to your site is optimized just right for SEO.

Using tools like this help your team create optimized content with an automated system checking the boxes for you. This way, even if the person posting is having a bad day, you’ve got built-in checks! 

The Rent Bridge team is an expert in property management SEO. If you have questions or want an audit of your website, we can run that for you and let you know what needs improvement—and what you’re already doing well! Just click below to schedule a discovery call and request your audit.

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