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Google upgrades its SEO algorithm every day. For instance, throughout the year they make over 500 changes. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) implies optimizing content to make it appear more often in search results. Proper use of SEO on your WordPress site accrues more traffic, which culminates in more conversions, boost sales and enhances lead generation.

Ranking factors for improving SEO on WordPress have changed across the ages. SEO approaches that worked five years ago won’t work today. The following tips suggested by Noria, one of the affordable advertising firms in Brisbane, will bring you into 2021 with a bang.

Optimize User Engagement

Your fresh and existing posts should be structured to optimize engagement. Your content should be easily readable. Ensure your content uses headings, short paragraphs, relevant images and the whitespace to make the page look neat.

You should also include clickable internal links that address your user’s question. This will minimize bounce rates and pull the clients further into your WordPress site.

To capture your reader’s attention, you can include videos, text, images, and infographics.

Create a business email for your website to address your customers concerns. It boosts user engagement since you’ll know what they’re looking for and help them navigate through the site.

Using these strategies on your page makes it highly valuable, thus attaining a high rank in search engines.

Implement Mobile-first indexing

Mobile-first indexing means Google considers your site’s mobile option as the site’s primary version. If your website is not optimized to support mobile devices, the desktop version will be utilized. However, when your site isn’t mobile-friendly, your rankings will plummet.

If your WordPress website is using the ‘m’ URL, such as m.wordpressmaster.com, Google advises replacing with a completely responsive site. This is due to the act that Google annotates ‘m’ URLs rather than indexing them. Adopting a responsive website implies Google will update the annotations to mean the responsive site is mobile friendly.

Include Voice Search

With the onset of chatbots and AI(Artificial Intelligence) in various sites, voice search is a recent entry in trending SEO approaches. Voice searches have become increasingly popular thanks to the increasing number of smartphone users.

Begin using the natural language flavour in your site’s content by feeding it with precise answers that satisfy the guests’ voice search question. You can also include long-tail keywords and write long-form content. 

Research shows voice search questions are longer than typed text. If you intend to be ranked in ‘near me’ searches, include correct locations or addresses for local listings with legit structured data.

Create a Brand

Boosting the value of your brand is a prudent way of boosting SEO. Google search engines rank stout brand questions than those that lack them. As more folks type your website or company name into a URL bar or Google, you’ll be ranked higher. To enhance this effect, begin by collecting email addresses with a form on your site or using exit pop-up software.

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